Happy Friday, The Dark Knight Rises, and Hurdlers Melt My Heart

July 20, 2012

Hello there. I see you. Looking at these words.

First and foremost, I hope you have a great weekend. I do. I hope it. I hope it from the tips of my toes and in all of my crazy bones. I’ve got crazy bones! And they’re hoping you have a great weekend. Of something. I don’t want to assume what your great something is, but I hope for it for you. I hope you have a great weekend doing something.

Or just go out and get sleazy.

As for the post today…

Yesterday, Michelle Jenneke came into our lives and many more came after that. Ugh… I got pretty sleazy there. Deal with it.

So, 19 year old Australian hurdler, Michelle Jenneke, is the proud owner of the unintentionally sexiest moment of 2012 and possibly of any year preceding this one…

If a picture is worth a 1000 words than that video is worth billions. Just incredible.



I thought it was great.

I’m not going to really “review” review it because I’m not in the mood to type out all the spoilers or anything, but I also don’t want to spoil it for you as I hope you all see it and enjoy it when you do.

It is long and it is complicated, and so is every comic book series I’ve ever read. I think this movie more than the others feels the most like a comic book or a superhero movie. It’s got more humor, it’s got more overarching storylines, twists, and so forth.

It was epic. It was epic in general, but epic like a superhero/comic book movie should be.

I think it was also very fan friendly. And I mean “fan friendly” in dozens of ways.

I enjoyed it. It’s 2 hours and 45 minutes and it had plenty of stuff happening the entire time and I wouldn’t say it flew bye, but it certainly moved and covered ground quickly.

If you liked Nolan’s other Batman movies, if you liked Nolan’s other movies in general then you’ll like this movie.

Have a great weekend.


6 Responses to “Happy Friday, The Dark Knight Rises, and Hurdlers Melt My Heart”

  1. Kim said

    I’m very excited to see TDKR! going this weekend.

    Horrible news in Colorado though.

    • PWG said

      Yeah. We’ve got this and Columbine going for us now. Not enough oxygen to the brain?

      Not specifically because of the threat of armed crazy people, more because of people trampled to death at WalMart Black Friday sales and Great White concert fires, I’m very, very, very cognizant of where the exits are in buildings that I’m in. And now this tool comes along, in through the exit door and shooting the people running for them.

      Apparently my panic survival plans are going to have to step up a goddamn level from what it is now: pocket knife, Neosporin, bear spray, one of those tools that cuts seat belts and breaks car window glass, map of the exits and a thorough reading of World War Z.

      That leaves me with what next, a concealed carry weapons permit and fucking mithril tunic? Some days you don’t even want to send your family out the front door.

    • PWG said

      As I sit here watching the news try and pin this guy’s actions on everything from movie violence, to Star Trek fandom, to the economy, I just want someone to say, “There are maladjusted people in the world, and some of them are motivated enough by their antisocial fantasies to carry them out.” And then stop talking about him and focus on helping the survivors and the victims’ families. The 24 hour news cycle makes for a lot of interviews with people who don’t know what they’re talking about. I’m looking at you, FBI profiler/idiot Clint van Zandt


  2. Amanda said

    well put! thought it was brilliant. i agree about the length. a bit long, but not by any means slow. there was so much going on the whole time. the ending was great too. possible branch off to another series?

    • kristenstewartwantsit said

      My two thoughts:

      1. “Batman Beyond” – Fresh start with a younger Batman and an old crotchety Bruce Wayne set against a futuristic Gotham. Crazy sci-fi gadgetry and a mix of new villains or old villains that are still being bad, but they’re old.

      2. Vignettes – Have three directors make a different 30-45 minute movie with Batman any which way they want. They could really shape Batman in any way – darker or more debonaire or whatever – with a villain that can range from the deadly serious like Hush or Zsasz to the more fantastical like Clayface or Mad Hatter or somewhere in between like Dr. Strange. Different depictions of Batman with no need to make sure the universes are symmetrical.

      I think Nolan did too good of job for anyone to try and compete with Batman as is. If they want to make a new Batman thing, they’re going to have to change the game because Nolan won the previous one.

      • Amanda said

        It’d be interesting to see what they could do with branch off of what nolan made. I concur with your thoughts on how nolan definitely takes the cake on this one. If anyone is going to make another batman related movie they’d A. have to wait like 25 years. B. switch it up completely and do something very off beat or C. simply take nolan’s storyline and go back in time/ in the future/ make a parallel universe. I’d love option C but somehow I think we won’t hear anymore of a serious Batman movie for a long few years.

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