I’m experiencing a “The Dark Knight Rises” hangover

July 23, 2012

Happy Monday.

I saw “The Dark Knight Rises” at midnight on Thursday night followed by seeing it at 3:20 pm on Friday. I love it just as much and, maybe, even more the second time.

I did keep busy on Saturday renting a kilt and full accompanying outfit including Prince Charlie jacket, hose, ghillies, flashes et cetera. I cooked pasta, shrimp, and enough garlic to kill every fake ass vampire in every book, TV show, and movie series. I also watched the UFC 149 cagefights.

Sunday went to a family’s barbecue and got slightly sunburned.

So, I’ve been doing things, but I won’t lie – I kind of wish I could have seen “The Dark Knight Rises” a million times.

I still think “The Dark Knight” is the best of the Nolan trilogy, but it’s not by much. “The Dark Knight Rises” fulfills in a lot of the same areas TDK did and even goes beyond and fulfills where TDK didn’t. But I still think TDK is picture perfect from beginning to end and was an artistic wonder in many areas including sound editing. I never thought I would be blown away by sound editing, but I was by TDK’s. Nolan continues to try and recapture the magic of TDK’s sound editing in “Inception” and “TDKR” and he’s on the right track, but it’s not the same.

Either way, the addition of chicks in “TDKR” is a breath of fresh air that was severely lacking in the others. Strong and sexy. Tom Hardy is enthralling and terrifying as Bane. He’s intimidating on every level and appears to be a brutally unstoppable force throughout. He actually looks more and more unstoppable as the movie goes on, which is incredible.

If you have seen “TDKR” and haven’t seen “Batman Begins” in a while – do so. “TDKR” references the shit out of “Batman Begins” which will forever be overshadowed by “TDK” and “TDKR”. For eff’s sake, the title is even different and doesn’t sound like it’s apart of the “Dark Knight Trilogy” as people are calling it. But “Batman Begins” is a great movie. Great bad guys, great origin story, great beginning to a franchise. It’s got it all. Even Katie Holmes as the love interest is not bad. A lot of people don’t like her, but she doesn’t do a bad job by any means. “TDKR” does an excellent job of not only ramping up what “TDK” did, but at coming full-circle to what “Batman Begins” started.

Also, I’ve really gained a new appreciation for Christopher Nolan’s storytelling method of hiding all his secrets/twists/mysteries right out in the open, right underneath the audience’s nose.

Lastly, I think the unsung hero of these movies is Gary Oldman. I really couldn’t have imagined him as Jim Gordon when the casting began and for 3 movies Oldman delivered a perfect performance for his character. He was a tough cop, a believer, a realist, and at times a goofball.

I love those movies.

That’s what I got…

And this…

How was your weekend.


19 Responses to “I’m experiencing a “The Dark Knight Rises” hangover”

  1. PWG said

    I saw The Dark Knight Rises, and it was a really weird experience. I don’t think anyone in Colorado was anticipating another mass shooting in the theaters, but the big 24 screen theater by my house was a ghost town. We had police motorcycles in front and cops roaming the halls to be reassuring, I guess. I was the only one in the theater 10 minutes before it started, and the only one in the front row until after the trailers. And there were only two exits, and someone with a gun could easily have covered both of them, and I know I wasn’t the only one in there thinking that.

    But fuck that guy. I saw someone call him a “rampaging emo” somewhere, and I was glad because that’s belittling and mocking and that’s the least of what he deserves. They’re kind of making a point of not saying his name in the hundreds of speeches everyone has to give, and I’m glad about that too. I’m really full of rage toward that guy, as if you couldn’t tell.

    Some 13-year old was trying to give CPR to a shot 6-year old, because the little kid’s pregnant mother had already taken 3 bullets and couldn’t help. Then a big heavy dude got shot and fell on the 6-year old and the 13-year old was asking him to move, to please move so she could get back to CPR, but he was paralyzed or fatally wounded and said, “I can’t,” so she pushed and pulled to get the little girl out from under him to try and save her life. A 13-year old was trying her best to deal with that crap, while she was fucking being tear-gassed. I don’t give a fuck what the shooter’s mental malfunction was, I really don’t. I don’t care if he was picked on as a kid, under scholastic pressure, heartbroken from a breakup, a burgeoning schizophrenic or just fucking bored. He’s a waste of atoms.

    • kristenstewartwantsit said

      I read your tweet about practically being in a theater alone. It was very depressing. People are looking for reasons or answers, but what that guy did was senseless. It was mean and it was horrible. Not to say that not seeing “The Dark Knight Rises” opening weekend is this awful thing, but to make people afraid like that that they cannot go see a movie or leave their house is terrible. We are free people, but fear can be paralyzing and that kid is vile human being for what he did and what he made others feel.

      I don’t care about what story is gleamed in the upcoming trial about him or what he went through in life. Those people in the theater didn’t do it to him or deserve what he did, and I’d rather him be taken from this world before he tries to justify it or doesn’t. For the victims, if the trial is helpful to them in anyway then I’m glad for it. But from my perspective, I wish the cops had shot and killed him the moment they saw him.

  2. PWG said

    But about the movie. It’s just kind of hard to watch it out of context, because it felt like I was drowning in context.

    I loved it, I want to see it again. The third one made the first two even better. I watched the first two again the day before I saw this one, so all of those little tie-ins to the other movies really stood out. I loved the Gotham courtroom scenes, it was so Alice in Wonderland. No trials, just sentencing, and the sentencing was so very Eddie Izzard. Cake, or death? Yeah, we’re all outta cake.

    I thought it was all very predictable, every plot twist and turn, and it was still spectacular. Just spectacular. Nolan’s own Lord of the Rings trilogy, so good it’s hard to imagine anyone else wanting to take a stab at it after this. I think the first two had really defined themes, and I spent a lot of time trying to pin down the overall theme of the last one. I keep getting caught up in the whole, “your heroes can’t always save you, sometimes you’re going to be the only ones around and you have to save yourselves” stuff, not to get too far into the actual plot. It’s so easy to let powerful people make all the decisions and then bitch about how that turns out, right? And there was such an “Occupy Wall Street” vibe that I wondered how much of that was intended from the beginning when Nolan was putting together the whole story arc, and how much he threw in later based on current events.

    I liked Bane’s voice, I didn’t have any trouble understanding him. I don’t remember Hardy being that intimidating in Inception.

  3. PWG said

    No comments for a few weeks, then wall of text. Sorry for the hijack.

  4. PWG said

    **Spoilers** **Spoilers**

    I just read someone else’s rant on why this movie is totally stupid. They made a lot of good points. None of it bothered me, though, but here’s the main stuff:

    Nobody notices Bruce Wayne AND Batman are missing for 8 years?

    Why did Bane take Batman’s money? Just so Miranda could be on the Board? If all you need are fingerprints from 3 board members to hack the “energy supply” then why not just chop off their hands, or something. They already knew where the nuke was.

    Back surgery by punch?

    Bruce comes back to Gotham (how?) and shows up right where Selena is standing all by herself? In a city of 12 million?

    Why keep 3,000 cops alive underground, exactly? And really every police officer but six or so went underground in one swarm? That wouldn’t make someone think twice?

    A big prisoner pit in the ground, no one drops a rope down to help someone escape, ever? Never? Batman fucking walked away from that hole with a huge effing rope around his shoulders. Granted, not much to tie it to out there, but maybe you help one guy climb up, then he helps the next guy, etc. Not even the spine punching chiropractor dude or blind messiah? Dick move, Wayne.

    There was more, they’re right, there are plot holes and contrivances galore. Still loved it.

    • kristenstewartwantsit said

      1. They never said that Bruce Wayne disappeared at that exact moment. They just said he became a recluse over time.

      2. They didn’t know where the nuke was before Bruce showed Miranda the nuke after Bruce lost his money and his strength on the board. He showed it to her to make her understand why she needed to keep it safe from the rest of the board and that he trusted her to do that now that he didn’t have a place on the board.

      3. Yeah, that was dumb, but it wasn’t “back surgery” as much as un-dislocating a bone. It was as medically valid as Riggs slamming his shoulder into a hard object to un-dislocate his shoulder in nearly every “Lethal Weapon” movie.

      4. That was cheesy. It’s movie magic.

      5. Not really sure what’s the gripe. Why should JGL and Gary Oldman keep 3,000 cops underground? Seems pretty obvious.

      6. Bruce dropped a rope in there. Did I make that up? Didn’t he drop the rope in there right before he walked away? I thought he did. Either way, the one person who got out of the prison was Talia and her father came back and killed everyone in the prison and took it over. Those people in the prison were people that Talia/her father/Bane put in there. It used to be a prison for a warlord, I doubt many people would have tried to help anyone in there to get out considering they would surely end up in there themselves. And once Talia escaped and turned that into her/Bane/her father’s prison then no one would fuck with it either.

      • Should have refreshed the page before posting so that I didn’t say pretty much everything you just said, but at least we both saw him drop the rope…

      • PWG said

        Well now I have an excuse to see it again, I must know what happens to the rope!

      • PWG said

        But wait, did you see him just drop it in? Because that shit wouldn’t help. He’d have to drop one end in, and help someone out, and then they’d have to help someone else. Having both ends of the rope in the pit doesn’t help anyone who can’t leap tall crevasses because of their extra strong fear of mortality.

      • It looked like one end was fastened to the outside of the pit, so he tossed the other end down. I guess it’s the rope they use to get in and out after they’ve placed a prisoner there? But yes, we should probably all see it another time just to be super certain.

      • kristenstewartwantsit said

        And the giant penny.

        Those are in the bat cave.

    • Some points I’ll kiiiiind of agree with… I did pause to question how he got back into Gotham, but then was like “OH RIGHT HE’S FUCKING BATMAN” and assumed he had his ways, and that showing every second of that journey just wasn’t worth adding 10 minutes to an already nearly 3-hour movie. That back punch thing was pretty stupid, though.

      I think keeping the cops alive was part of the whole “keeping hope alive” thing, tying into the idea of the pit prison where people can’t truly know despair if they have no hope. Gotham’s citizens know that the people who should be able to rescue them and restore peace are right there under their feet alive and well, but can’t do anything to help.

      I didn’t think they knew where the nuke was? Bruce and Fox showed her the reactor after he lost all of his money (and thus control of the company), and that’s when they told her about needing the fingerprints and the ability to flood the chamber. I wasn’t under the impression they knew any of that beforehand?

      Didn’t he throw a big rope down into the pit before walking off? I thought I saw that, but could be wrong…

      Maybe I’m making excuses for it, but I didn’t find anything outlandishly stupid or hard to believe. But I also just really fucking love Batman.

  5. PWG said

    You didn’t even mention the Steelers.

    • kristenstewartwantsit said

      I believe you mean the Rogues.

      Well, that wasn’t a surprise. There’s been hundreds of articles about it and that scene is in the trailer. Not sure it is wise to have Hines Ward returning kick offs, but he did score a TD off of it. Something the real Steelers haven’t done in a dog’s age.

  6. Goddamn it, now I really want to see it again.

    • PWG said

      I know. Me too. Even the nitpicky stuff isn’t mine, just stuff I read in reviews afterward. I didn’t read any before so I wouldn’t spoil anything. I noticed some of it but didn’t really care while I was watching. All I was thinking was, “If Christopher Nolan walks into a movie studio and asks for a giant pile of money, they should just give it to him, no questions asked. Whatever he does with it will be great.”

      Okay, I will add, who randomly places tracking devices in their mother’s jewelry for no reason (crazy people?) and really, his flying Bat was just sitting there on a roof somewhere five months later? I don’t care. It was great.

  7. subboytoy said

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