Will Ferrell did my job for me… Thank you, Will.

August 3, 2012

I love Will Ferrell. Now and forever and in the past and once during a very lonely night in Costa Mesa.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

There are free UFC fights on Saturday night on FOX(!). That’s big FOX, as they call it. It should start at like 8 or 9pm EST. The preliminary fights are also for free on Facebook and either Fuel TV or FX. So, watch them!

I’ll still be watching the Olympics as well because I’m addicted to them, but, let’s be serious, there’s a certain lull between gymnastics ending and track & field really beginning for most people. With Judo over, I’m fully looking forward to wrestling – rasslin. The US has a good team for both Greco-Roman and Freestyle. The one man you need to keep your eyes on the most is Jordan Burroughs who is a Freestyle wrestler and is a favorite for gold even though these are his first Olympics. Either way, wrestling doesn’t start up until next week, so watch some cage fights!

I hope you have a great weekend.


One Response to “Will Ferrell did my job for me… Thank you, Will.”

  1. Kim said

    Bravo Will Ferrell! that was fantastic!

    “It’s not gonna be the same, EVER!”

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