Jordan Burroughs at 2:50pm EST…

August 10, 2012

I’ve been sitting around all morning catching up on emails and some football news from last night.

But for the most part, I’ve been watching USA golden man Jordan Burroughs win at Freestyle wrestling.

The finals will start at 2:50pm EST and will pit Burroughs against the same Iranian wrestler he beat to win the World Championships last year.

I’m super excited for this.

Well, yesterday was an unreal day of USA Olympians. In a matter of minutes, the US women’s water polo team won a gold, US women’s soccer team won gold, and Ashton Eaton won gold for the US in the decathlon. Our other American in the event, Hardee, took silver, which was I think the first time where a country went 1 and 2 in the decathlon. Incredible stuff. Outside of that, the US took home golds in several other events. Specifically, women’s boxing. A 17 year old high school senior Claressa Shields won gold at middleweight. That makes her the first ever US woman to win a gold at boxing and the first gold medal that the US has won in boxing since 2004. Incredible stuff.

The water polo match was great. The US dominated Spain in that match. Maybe the most dominant win the US had all tournament. The score makes it seem a lot closer, but with 4 minutes or so left in the game the US was up 8-2. They kind of coasted the last few minutes and Spain scored a few. After they won, the coaches all jumped into the pool with their khakis on. I really want to try water polo out. It looks exhausting. For men, you wear almost no clothes at all. For women, you wear a one piece bathing suit that rides so high up your ass crack it looks like it is splitting you in half. So, it looks mildly fun to play and maybe more fun to be around a bunch of chicks with their butts hanging out.

The soccer match was great and someone better buy Carli Lloyd a Buick or something for scoring 2 goals to win that final against Japan. And buy Hope Solo a Fiat or something for that incredible save. I like soccer as a sport in general. But it doesn’t hurt that I have a full school boy crush on every member of the US team. Seriously. All of them. Megan Rapinoe is a female Xabi Alonso to me. I heart her in every way. Alex Morgan’s smile shines brighter than the Sun and her hair smells of cinnamon and Valentine’s Day. My fondness for Sydney Leroux is as tall as a skyscraper. Her girl next door charm mixed with her tattoos makes my heart feel a flutter. I love that team.

Claressa Shields. I couldn’t express in words how much respect and admiration I have for her. She’s truly amazing. She is awesome in the truest definition of awe. What she has accomplished is awesome. I don’t want to downplay what Queen Underwood and Marlen Esparza did either. Queen and Marlen will forever go down in history as apart of this Olympic moment when they finally allowed women to box. And for Marlen, I know she wanted gold and not bronze, but still… incredible. She brought so much attention to women’s boxing and walked out of there with a medal – amazing.

As far as the decathlon… I love the decathlon. There is a mystique about it and the idea they are the greatest athlete in the world. Ashton Eaton looks like he is the prototypical athletic man that Greeks and Romans carved out of marble and forged out of bronze. He walked his way through those 10 events with grace and strength. And for Hardee, it couldn’t make me prouder to see the US 1 and 2 in this event. He wasn’t competing against Ashton as much as he was competing to beat the rest of the field and he did that. Great stuff.

I know I’m missing out on the long jump and the triple jumpers who absolutely blow my mind. It’s wild that human beings can do those things.

But right now, I am waiting on Jordan Burroughs.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Frankie Edgar fights Ben Henderson Saturday night for the UFC lightweight belt. My leg will not stop shaking that entire fight.

I hope Jordan wins.

I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday.


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