Morning Miscellaneous Misgivings…

August 13, 2012

First thing I have to mention, I don’t think I have any real misgivings, but I love alliteration.


I hope you had a great weekend. A great weekend doing whatever. Whatever it is that you do that makes things great. I hope that happened. I hope you may have even out done yourself in what you were planning to do. I hope you had to take a step back and go, “well fucking done, self”. Maybe you cursed, maybe you didn’t, but the sentiment was there. Well fucking done, self. Well fucking done, to us all.

What did I do?

I watched a lot of Olympics. Per usual. I peppered it in here and there. I’m sad that today I woke up without having to scour the internet to find the results from what had transpired this morning in London. What transpired this morning in London? I imagine a fuck ton of people thought to themselves, “Why was it so necessary to have the Spice Girls reunited for these Olympics? And, even more so, why will that seem special a week, a month, or 10 years from now?” It didn’t and it won’t.

It was great seeing Jake Varner win gold in men’s freestyle wrestling. Honestly, this was an abysmal year for our Greco-Roman team for whatever reason. Men’s freestyle did a good job. Women’s freestyle did earn a bronze through Chun, but they were expecting a lot more out of those ladies. As for men’s freestyle, Jordan Burroughs did exactly what he said he was going to do by winning a gold and keeping his since 2009 unbeaten streak alive. Jake Varner winning gold was unexpected, but his extensive work with previous gold medal winner Cael Sanderson certainly made Varner have high hopes. Coleman Scott won a bronze, which is great too. It looked like Tervel was going to win something, but in the end didn’t and that was disappointing. Jake Herbert got fucked in his match. It’s tough to explain the unexplainable, but the refs/judges just gave the match to Herbert’s opponent – literally just gave the other guy the win and called it a day. Very odd stuff.

It was too bad the US women’s volleyball team didn’t win gold, but they won me over. Not that I was against women’s volleyball by any stretch of the imagination. Amazon woman in booty shorts and knee high socks? That already makes it one of my favorite sports to watch. But watching Team USA play and watching Destinee Hooker spike balls 100mph into foreign chicks’ faces was absolutely incredible. I am a big fan of that sport.

Same goes for water polo. Never really watched water polo until this Olympics and now I love it. Seems wildly grueling, but really interesting.

I have more to say about the Olympics, but I’ll talk about it later this week.

What else?

I saw “The Campaign”. It was funny, definitely funny, but it was alright in the end. I thought it was funny and I enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t even say it was the funniest Will Ferrell movie this year (“Casa de mi Padre”). I thought it was as funny as “21 Jump Street”. If that does anything for you. Zach Galifianakis was the funniest part of the movie.

What else?

“Breaking Bad” is the fucking greatest.

All I have to say is, “Todd?!”

What else?

I watched a good hour and a half or so of “2001: A Space Odyssey”. I’ve seen it before several times, but every time I see it it is mesmerizing. It is mesmerizing if it came out today. It is mind blowing if it came out today. It is just awesome that it came out in 1968. A decade before “Star Wars”. Unbelievable.

What did you get up to?


One Response to “Morning Miscellaneous Misgivings…”

  1. It was impossible to turn away from Mike’s droopy murder eyes last night (props to The Oatmeal). Some people might say that water ballet is mesmerizing, but nothing beats Mike.

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