Tony Scott Will Be Missed… 1944-2012

August 20, 2012

This world is fucking crazy.

It’s difficult to define how I feel like talking about this because my thoughts are simply…


Sure that is a decent enough reaction to this news, but for the readers out there – you the readers – who have gotten used to 1,000 words or even 2,000 words of hilarious one-sided dialogue, the WHAT THE FUCK?! response kind of comes up short. I would think. Or maybe that’s all there really needs to be said. I suppose I can trickle in more than a couple monosyllabic exclamations ended with a vulgarity. Also, I’m too big of a fan of this man and what he created to just say one yelling phrase, but it is honestly how I feel.

Last night, director Tony Scott killed himself by jumping off a bridge.


I didn’t know Tony Scott, obviously, but I was a fan of Tony Scott’s movies like most. Maybe people don’t know directors’ names like they should because they are the ones who truly craft these movies that we all see. The actors get most of the praise, but the directors are the ones pulling the strings. Tony Scott made some excellent movies. There was actually a stretch from the 80’s to near the end of the 90’s (over a decade) where Tony Scott was untouchable as a director. Just great movie after great movie. I have no idea why he killed himself and it wouldn’t change anything if I did. It’s sad that he did and it’s sad that for the rest of us who only knew him through his movies that we will not get to experience more of his usually great movies.

Personal favorites that I think most people also love as well…

“The Hunger” (1983) – it’s David Bowie as a vampire, could you ask for anything more?

“Top Gun” (1986) – Perfect movie. Absolutely flawless movie.

“Beverly Hills Cop II” (1987) – Solid follow-up to a great first movie.

“Days of Thunder” (1990) – Excellent movie. Rubbing is racing.

“The Last Boy Scout” (1991) – One of my favorite action movies of all time. It has easily some of my favorite moments, characters, dialogue sequences, and performances in an action movie. Absolutely one of my favorite scenes in any action movie or movie in general is Bruce Willis killing Kim Coates with a palm strike to the nose. Terrific movie.

“True Romance” (1993) – One of the most underrated gems. Quentin Tarantino written, Tony Scott directed. It’s an excellent 90’s action movie filled with captivating dialogue and just intense performances from all the actors. It’s graphic violence with a sense of humor and heart, which is kind of unheard of.

“Crimson Tide” (1995) – It’s just fucking great. What else is there to say.

“The Fan” (1996) – In-fucking-tense. I’m cursing now because it’s crazy to think that these movies basically all came out in a row. So good.

“Enemy of the State” (1998) – Great. Even greater as it ages because every year there is at least a few movies that try to replicate what they did in this movie and failed.

“Deja Vu” (2006) – I feel like a lot of people missed this movie and it is a good movie. High concept movie, but done very well.

I skipped one movie because I wanted to put it last… Last on a list for emphasis… Emphasis over “Top Gun”, “Days of Thunder”, “True Romance”, “The Last Boy Scout”, and so, which are movies I love…

“Man on Fire” (2004)

That movie was a revelation. It was a modern classic of revenge. It’s a western set in present time. It’s just incredible. Emotional, action-packed, and flawless.

Tony Scott will be missed, but not forgotten.

If you have netflix or an account with any of those streaming sites or take a look ondemand, watch some Tony Scott movies if you’ve never seen them or haven’t seen them in awhile.

I’ve seen most of the movies mentioned upwards of a dozen times each and a couple of them maybe more. And I know that these movies aren’t particularly old, but movies/music/art in general ages very quickly. Also, Tony Scott mostly made action movies and action movies can age very quickly because technology is growing by leaps and bounds nowadays. But what doesn’t age, what doesn’t change through new technology is quality filmmaking.

This past weekend, I saw “The Expendables 2”. It was awful. The first one was awful as well. Why are these movies so bad? Is it because they’re using the wrong actors? Or doesn’t have enough money? Or is it my expectations are too high? No. It’s because the people making “The Expendables” couldn’t care any less about the movie being good. Is the story line too high concept? Hardly. It’s iconic action stars teaming together to defeat bad guys and yet the movie is awful because they’re not trying to make something good. They’re just trying to sell tickets. It’s a shame.

It’s easy to see whether the filmmakers care when they’re making these movies. It oozes out of the movie. It oozes out of the performances. It oozes out of how engaging the movie is. You can sense when something was rushed or slapped together or that a bunch of scenes were shot hastily because they only had the actors for a day or two. That’s not good enough. You shouldn’t be able to tell that an actor was on set for only 48 hours. But every second someone appears on screen that isn’t Sly or Statham it feels like they squeezed in the scene between breakfast and lunch before Chuck Norris or Arnold or whoever had to fly back to their real life and do something that they actually care about.

You don’t get that feeling watching the movies I mentioned before. If you want to see Bruce Willis, the REAL Bruce Willis, then don’t see crap like “The Expendables” see “The Last Boy Scout”. It’s one of the best Bruce Willis action movies and 90’s action movies in general. Or watch Denzel being a monster badass in “Man on Fire” or see Tom Cruise back when people openly loved Tom Cruise. Great movies, all of them.


5 Responses to “Tony Scott Will Be Missed… 1944-2012”

  1. PWG said

    My overly long comment got eaten. That should teach me a lesson. In summary: Man on Fire was fucking awesome, Top Gun was not, and Clint Eastwood is a great director. I’m going to be so sad when he dies. There was a lot more in there, about Ang Lee and the Life of Pi trailer, but I’m being punished by WordPress for taking too long. Hopefully Tony’s family can find some peace.

  2. PWG said

    If you want to see great Bruce Willis, see The Siege, keeping in mind that it came out before 9/11 or the Patriot Act. Bruce Willis begging some Senator not to invoke the War Powers Act, and then using it to become one ruthless motherfucker when they do it anyway.

  3. PWG said

    I assume you watched Andrew Luck last night, what did you think? Of the game, I mean, the shitty refereeing is another story. We should’ve gotten that lady ref, you know she’s super paranoid about making a mistake. I don’t see how they overturned the Colts’ 2nd touchdown based on the video they were using, and then turned around and gave it to Luck even though he was down by sliding before the end zone. And didn’t review it. What the hell, Blindy McBlinderson. Granted I would’ve given it to them on the first attempt, but I don’t like sloppy referees. We need the lockout guys back. Or that chick.

    • kristenstewartwantsit said

      Andrew Luck will be good and the Colts will be good. They can’t be worse than they were last year, but I think they’ve got a solid 6-10 or so season ahead of them. I know that doesn’t sound “good”, but they’ll get better – it’s only the kid’s first year and he doesn’t have the most dynamic team around him. I think they’ll be a playoff team in a couple years. I don’t think they’ll completely recapture what Peyton did because that’s nearly impossible, but they’ll be a good team.

      As for the Jets… WOOOOO!!! They are all sorts of cluster fuck. I don’t know how people don’t see that Tim Tebow will be their quarterback in a short period of time. First, he is playing quarterback right now. He isn’t playing “wild cat” or any of that nonsense – he’s playing as their quarterback. But they have so many more problems than who will be their quarterback. I don’t know if it is delusion or stubbornness or what, but the people running that team have made some wild mistakes. I think they’re riding way too high on what they’ve done in the past to justify their decisions now and as they continue to make decisions they make bad ones.

      For instance, how can a team that says they’re going to be a better running team this year lose their starting running back and not get someone to replace him? The best running back on the team is Tim Tebow. And he’s their future starting quarterback. Also, they didn’t improve their offensive line any and not only that, but everyone knows it and now is exploiting that.

  4. PWG said

    And that Mark Sanchez / Tim Tebow show, oh my God, that was entertaining. Football’s going to be fun this year.

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