KSWI Presents: Me in a kilt

September 4, 2012


Or as the British say, “Hello!”

I survived my trip to the UK and I’m back to tell about all that I learned and all that I experienced and all that I … actually, I’ll post that stuff tomorrow. I still have to get home home and unpack and I’m tired, so I’ll just post a picture of me looking like a giant in a kilt instead of fumbling around with words. I do truly have some words to say about the Scots, the English, and their curiosity about an American wearing a kilt, but that will be for tomorrow.

For today, the money shot…

You’re welcome.

I’ll let you have your time and print out a thousand of those for your spank bank purposes.

I had an excellent time. But… I’m glad to be back.

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!


4 Responses to “KSWI Presents: Me in a kilt”

  1. Hopie Dopie said

    Castle Top Creeper!! Nice pic!

  2. Like the great Scottish legend, Paul MacBunyan.

    Nice gams.

  3. NixHaw said

    Oh my…

  4. Kim said

    Great pic! Thx for sharing — can’t wait to read all about your trip!
    Welcome home!

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