September 17, 2012

Call me shallow, call me what you will, but, of course, I feel a million bucks better today than last Monday because the Pittsburgh Steelers won and won convincingly AND won over the professional tackle football team I dislike the most – the New York Jets. So, I’m happy about all that.

I had a pretty fun weekend, which entailed seeing “Lawless”. I wouldn’t recommend the movie. I would recommend seeing “The Proposition”, which is the movie that the same writer and director pair made before “Lawless”, which also features Guy Pearce. I haven’t read the book nor know the story that the movie “Lawless” is based on. If the movie is being faithful to the book and story then I wonder why the movie was made. If the movie isn’t being faithful then I wonder why the movie was made and why they made any of the choices they made in the process of making this movie. The movie was told awkwardly, the only end game everyone could predict is them killing Guy Pearce at some point, and Jessica Chastain bumping uglies with Tom Hardy. That’s about it and that does happen. As for the rest of it? It could’ve been a lot better.

Either way…


So, like last week, Brew Dawgz will be in bold and I’ll be in your average type font…

Week 2 – Recap
Just got 15 more to go! WOOOOO!!!!
1.  Game of the day – Eagles v. Ravens.  This was a chippy one.  The replacement officials looked out of their element and were very close to losing complete control of this one.  This was a story of two halves. Ravens looked like they were going to run away with this one but the Eagles Defense stepped it up (lead by middle linebacker stud DeMarco Ryans) in the second half and the Ravens had to settle for FG’s and not TD’s, giving Mike Vick the chance to rebound from another turnover filled performance.  Eagles – 9 turnovers this season become the first team since the 1983 Rams to go 2-0 after turning it over 9 times in their first two games.  Ravens offense needs to be more consistent if they are going to take the next step.
Eagles win 2 games by 1 point each against AFC North teams. Odd. The Eagles still haven’t addressed the worst area of their team and that is the cornerstone of any great football team – their offensive line. Almost every time Vick drops back to throw a pass, he gets hit throwing the pass. It’s incredible. I’m amazed the guy can walk after receiving all this punishment. I’ve said this before and will say it again, the people out there who want their 10 pounds of flesh from Michael Vick – they couldn’t have asked for a better team for him to play for because the dude gets rocked at least 20 times a game. As for the Ravens, they’re a big bad team, but speed isn’t their strong suit. The Steelers generally have that problem too. Going blow for blow is one thing, but a foot race is another. The Eagles can’t keep winning games filled with turnovers and the Ravens’ offense needs to continue to step it up as everyone thought they did in the first week. For Joe Flacco, being a great QB isn’t about one game or two games, it’s about 14 games in a row and 16 games in a row.
2.  Arizona has a good defense. They can cover, they can bottle up the run and they are physical.  Beating New England in Foxoborough doesn’t come easy (Brady is 37-2 in his lat 39 regular season home games).  The key was that Arizona made the Pats settle for FG’s which kept them close.  With that said, I still think New England should have won regardless of the missed FG as time expired.  They will not be flat next weekend with the Ravens coming to town for Sunday Night Football.
Coach Belicheck was about the only person last week who believed the Cardinals could beat his Patriots. He was pointing out things like the Cardinals winning 10 out of their last 12 games dating back to last season. He couldn’t say enough good things about them. In the end, maybe he said too many good things about them because his team couldn’t get off the ball and be the dominate force they usually are. It’s very weird seeing the Patriots lose to a west coast team in their own house, but football is fucking crazy like that. Patriots will be fine throughout the season, but that is wild that they lost.
3.  Carolina dominated the Saints defense.  They couldn’t stop the pass, the run, the option anything.  Big problems for the Saints.  Can’t say that head coaches in the NFL don’t matter as the Saints drop to 0-2 for the first time since 2007.  Brees also looks like he is pressing.  They need to get healthy next sunday against the Chiefs.
From what I’ve seen of the Chiefs, they suck and the Saints should be ready to run over them. At the same time, I have no idea why the Saints lost this game. The Carolina Panthers defense is atrocious. They can’t stop the run, and they can’t stop the pass. It’s not “bend not break” philosophy – it’s a “I hope they screw up 3 plays in a row, which forces them to punt” philosophy. Meanwhile, Cam was doing a good job mixing up the pass and the run. Big win for Carolina. Another big loss for the Saints. I feel like the Chiefs are going 0-3 under Romeo sweet Romeo and the Saints will finally get a W in 2012.
4.  CJ Spiller just took Fred Jackson’s job forever.  Buffalo isn’t as good as they played in week 2 and they aren’t as bad as they played in week 1.  I have no idea what week 3 will hold.  Also, the Chiefs were a sexy pic to win the AFC West entering the season which is dumbfounding when you remember sweet Romeo is their head coach.
Yeeeeeep. Fred Jackson, how little we knew ye. CJ Spiller has played back-to-back good games. Yesterday’s was in fact great. He even did a good job against the Jets. But the Bills are a mystery even to themselves. The Chiefs look like garbage. I feel like we’re going to get another mid-season coaching change in Kansas City.
5.  Andrew Luck played a great game yesterday.  He managed the clock and controlled the flow of the game.  He made smart decisions and didn’t try to do too much and then lead the game winning drive. Adam Vinetarri is made for game winning kicks but nailing a 53 yard FG with time running out is very impressive, even for a hall of fame. He also speaks like a deaf man.  It is disturbing. The Vikings are going to play a ton of close games this season.  Nearly went to overtime in back to back weekends.
Agreed on all accounts. If the Vikings had a couple of the personnel from the Chiefs on their team then they would be a legit team. The Vikes just haven’t had a dominating performance a couple weeks in a row to make teams worry about them. They’re also one of those teams that a new player each week has to step up and have a big game for them to be relevant. As for the Colts, they’re doing fine. I think they’re going to be 6-10 or 7-9 this year. Luck is still the least sexy QB in the league, but his touchdowns are 6 points like everyone else and he’s only going to get better at this game. His neck beard gives him strength.
6.  The Browns looked much, much better in week 2 but they just don’t have the talent that the Bengals do.  If you are Cincy you got to be happy about the win but you got to be concerned that you let the Browns hang around all game and they couldn’t tackle Trent Richardson.  Can not let bad teams hang around and think you are going to make the playoffs.
Trent Richardson is looking like a great pick by the Browns. People were shitting all over that pick during the draft, but Richardson looks like Adrian Peterson before all the injuries. I worry with running backs that they’ll be forced to carry too much weight and end up breaking down, but right now Richardson has fresh legs and is running people over. For the first time in a LONG TIME, the Bengals are who they thought they were for years, which is a pass friendly offense that can put up a lot of points. Right now, the focus is on AJ Green, but if they could get someone else in there with Green then they would be something out there.
7.  Houston is the best team in the AFC.  DE J.J. Watts should be nicknamed J.J. Swatts because he has batted 5 balls in two games.  Huge plays.  Blaine Gabbert aka Sunshine, looked like JaMarcus the King Russell yesterday.
True. And, True. Also, Blaine Gabbert will be going to England with the Jaguars over the next 4 years. Gabbert better shape up so he can keep his job until then because who doesn’t want an island full of British wrongly wearing your jersey instead of someone who is actually good, but has never stepped foot in England. The Texans are bad men. Almost made it to the Super Bowl with a third string QB.
8.  The Colt of Elijah grows.  510 pass yds! (GMEN franchise record – they have been playing football in NY since the 1920’s)  243 pass yds in a 25 point 4th quarter!  Bomb TD passes to Hicks, Cruz, and the Black Unicorn!  All after throwing 3 terrible first half picks!  Nobody and mean Nobody plays the 4th quarter like Eli and he redeemed his bad first half and a bad GMEN defensive performance because he never stops competing. 
Big win for the Giants because they would’ve been sunk and laughed out of town for losing 2 straight even after coming off winning a Super Bowl earlier this year. The Bucs! Wow! I don’t care what the fucking spread is for this week, I’m betting on the Bucs over the Cowboys. Greg Schiano has coached those boys into a frenzy. All I can imagine is that everyday is Eric LeGrand day and they are playing their asses off for that wonderful man. Elijah needs to stop throwing INTs. He was doing that last year and still won the Super Bowl, but he wasn’t throwing those INTs in the playoffs.
9.  Miami, taking advantage of the heat and humid, making the Raiders wear their black jerseys in the 90+ heat, completely wilted Oakland in the second half.  Tan Man had 0 batted balls after 5 the first week, rushed for a TD and threw his first (of many) TD’s, but obviously the story was REGGIE! REGGIE! REGGIE!.  Dude touted the rock 26 times for 172 yds and two absolutely spectacular TD runs.  The first of which he broke 5 tackles the other he outran the entire Oakland defense.  The real story though, the Ball-phins defense is dangerously good (and criminally underrated) and will keep them in games every week.  The Ball-phins are going to beat the Jets next week in Miami.  Heard it hear first. Because …
I agree. I agree. I agree. I bet on Miami winning this game like this. I remember last year when the Raiders made the pilgrimage to Miami and were RUN OVER. And the same thing happened this year. I expect the Jets to lose in Miami, also like they did last year. As for Miami, they are a better team with Reggie Bush playing like a man. A competent quarterback. And their defense has some nice talent throughout it. I like cornerback Sean Smith the most on the Dolphins D. Dude is big, fast, rough, and if he ever learns to catch the ball will lead the league in interceptions one day. As for the Raiders, I’ve never been sold on the Raiders. I think the coaching change last season was a joke and Hue Jackson should still have his job in Oakland. That team is 100% wrapped around if Darren McFadden has an enormous day, which makes it tough when everyone else knows that too.
10.  The Jets offense is not good.  Take away the first quarter TD drive and the Jets did nothing against a banged up Steelers.  As good as Sanchez looked last week he looked as bad in the final 3 quarters on Sunday.  The Jets had no running game and couldn’t convert a 3rd down to save their lives.  Also, the Crow Ball got burned terribly by Mike Wallace in the end zone and their defense had no answer for Ben Roethlisberger (playing with 3rd string RB’s).  Steelers don’t lose home openers but they dismantled a Jets team that has a lot more questions this morning then they did 48 hours ago.
Steelers should have won this game by more. There was a stretch of 4 possessions the Steelers did nothing with in the 3rd quarter because of their own sheer stupidity. They gave the Jets dozens of opportunities to come back into the game, but the Jets couldn’t capitalize. I really loved the effort by Dwyer and Redman, the two big bad running backs the Steelers have who are carrying the load for the injured Rashard Mendenhall. Some may think that they’ve replace Rashard, but they haven’t. If anything, they’ve highlighted where they fit in and where Rashard should fit in. Rashard has the breakout speed that they don’t have and he can be the lightning to those two’s thunder. Dwyer rarely breaks a run for more than a few yards, but in the process he’ll have broken 2 or 3 tackles. He is looking to hit the defense and I like that. There were some terrible ref calls in this game – especially the interference call on Ike Taylor following Ryan Clarks decleating tackle. I think they threw the flag on Clark because they thought it was illegal because of how vicious it was, but realized it wasn’t helmet to helmet or launching that is was legal, so they just called it on the closest guy not named Clark. Fucking ridiculous call.
11.  Russell Wilson played solid, Marshawn Lynch ran wild, the Seattle Defense is making some noise as one of the better units in the league and beating Seattle at home looks like a more and more daunting task.  Dallas was terrible yesterday.  I don’t know if it was because they were flat or if Seattle is that good (probably somewhere in the middle) but that was a big road set back for the Boys.  Also, the NFC West went undefeated yesterday.  The days of that being the worst division in football are offfically over.  AFC South takes that title now.
I stupidly bet on the Cowboys I think on this game going against my gut. Sometimes I do things even I don’t understand. The Cowboys aren’t that good even though they beat the Giants. And the Seahawks aren’t that bad even though they lost to the Cardinals. Seattle is a dangerous team. You can beat them, but, as mentioned, if you travel to Seattle – you will play a fired up bunch up there. I like Wilson and I like Lynch and I like their coach Carroll. Cowboys are still the team they were last year in my opinion. No better or worse.
12.  The Rams down 21-6 with 2 minutes to go in the first half and then they took over.  RGIII was good but not great and as the game went on the less impact he had.  Bradford played well even if not flashy.  Josh Morgan picks up a terrible flag on a drive to win the game and the Redskins come back to earth a little bit.
Sam Bradford looks like he is over his shitty year last year. The Rams at home is a dangerous team and with Jeff Fischer as the coach I expect that to be the case always. Redskins, they’re a good football team. They’re offense is still running and chucking, but they are a good team and will beat good teams this year. They need to get more of a middle ground offense going with plays to their tight end and slot receivers, but they are good at running and chucking.
13.  Titans are terrible and the Chargers defense is for real.  San Diego looks like they are going to be legitimate this season.
Philip Rivers is tossing touchdowns like it is going out of a style.
14.  49ers owned the Lions last night, I don’t care about the score.  49ers are balanced on offense and defense and they are the team to beat right now.
49ers are the best team in football without a doubt. That game could’ve been won by another 3 touchdowns had some people caught some of Alex Smith’s passes that hit them right in their damn hands. Jim Harbaugh knows what the hell he is doing. That team looks great. The defense is unbreakable and their offense is smooth as silk. I love how they’re using Frank Gore right now. He looks more effective right now taking half as many snaps than he ever has before. Great football team.
That’s it for us. I’m actually heading into the city right now to meet up with Brew Dawgz to watch the Falcons vs. the Broncos.
How was your weekend?

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  1. Brandy said

    So glad I didn’t jinx your Steelers this week. Hope your predictions hold true for my Saints next week. They are really struggling post-Bountygate.

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