Happy Yom Kippur, You Sexy Jews

September 26, 2012

I was going to think of something to post or maybe I wasn’t – who can really know for sure?

But, before I got the chance to sit down and type out whatever I was or wasn’t going to type out, I saw two things on these wonderful world wide webs that are better than anything I could have come up with for today.

One is a little emotional. The other is funny. Do you want emotional or funny first? Do you want emotional or funny second? ANSWER ME! You just sit there fucking silently staring at me like you can’t hear me. I know you can hear me. WHICH DO YO… ahhh forget it.

The first is the emotional one…

‘Superman’ has saved 25 jumpers in boat


It’s a really interesting story that I hope you read.

It’s about a regular man, a regular fisherman, who has taken on the responsibility of trying to save people who try to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge he is stationed at on the Danube. It’s not his responsibility, but he’s made it his. He watches for people and when they do jump, he gets on his boat and rushes out to try and save them. It’s a wild story and an amazing thing he is doing.

I don’t know how this couldn’t be a movie. Couldn’t be a movie in its own right and couldn’t be the basis of a movie.

Either way, it is an interesting read and the guy sounds like one of the great unsung heroes of this world.

As for the second… the comedy…

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This is a hilarious video about the case of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia being recast for the forthcoming season of the show.

It’s crazy that this show has been on for so long and people still don’t recognize the genius of it.

I remember exactly when the first time I saw It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It was in October of 2005 and I was with my buddy, Jay, on a month long road trip up the west coast. One night in Los Angeles, we were staying at another friend’s, Matt, place. We had a random ass evening, which started with us going to a Thai restaurant that was having a tranny kabuki kind of show on stage, which we did not understand in the least, but it was certainly memorable. Then we went out drinking for a little bit, but ended up back at Matt’s place with another friend, Barry. Matt was looking to put something on TV to watch while we talked and drank and he randomly brought up It’s Always Sunny. None of us, besides Matt, had seen it.

Matt brings out a VHS (was it 2005 or 1985?!) which he had recorded 5 episodes off the show on it. And we watched and laughed. Every few minutes one of us would say, “why haven’t I been watching this show?”

Still a great show. Still funny.

I hope everyone is having a good Yom Kippur and fasting is going well.

I can tell you the easiest year(s) for me fasting were the ones where I was addicted to a videogame and just play it non-stop from when I stopped eating until I fell asleep and when I woke up to when I was allowed to eat again. I’m sure none of that is suggested by Talmudic scholars, but it’s a tip from me to you.


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