Better news?

September 27, 2012

What’s the better news…

The reports that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are back together? So says some random chick driving past them who tweeted about it in Los Angeles I believe.


The regular referees being back for the NFL?




I think that Rob and Kristen being back together is as little as a shock as the regular referees getting their contracts signed by those dumbass owners in the NFL.

The funniest thing about Rob and Kristen being together is that normal Hollywood couples who seem to have no obvious problems break up all the time. Meanwhile, some of the craziest fucking celebrity couples just won’t leave each other no matter what.

Maybe it has to do with actors/entertainers obviously loving drama in their lives. Maybe it’s because most of these people are not well educated. Maybe it’s because they make such bad decisions with other things that relationship bad decisions is a must. I don’t know.

Maybe once you get a little taste of that WANT you can’t keep yourself away from it. I mean I’ve been writing this blog for like 36 years already and I’m only 29, which doesn’t make any sense at all and I’m not really a fan of either of these two’s movies, so what the fuck, right?

Meanwhile, the real referees suck a big load.

Seriously, Ed Hocule? Ed Hocule sucks. YEAH, I SAID IT!

For the peripheral fans of the sport, you may know Hocule as the ref with the enormous biceps and the big barrel chest. But for fans of the sport who’ve been following it for years, most know Hocule as the egomaniac who talks everyone’s ear off when giving a routine holding call as well as the guy who made up the “tuck rule” one Sunday afternoon during the deciding moment of the AFC Championship game that propelled Tom Brady to his first Super Bowl, cost Charles Woodson a Hall of Fame strip sack, and certainly cost Jon Gruden a couple years of good living on the stress of his high blood pressure and heart bursting out of his chest from screaming.

The idea of the real refs coming back is 100% us being comfortable with the devil we know than the one we don’t. It’s also clear that the players and coaches had no ability to control themselves with the replacement refs. People were fined and everything, but if Mike Shanahan had chased Ed Hocule down a tunnel after a game, he probably would’ve been suspended a game, same with Bill Belicheck grabbing one of the refs after a game. Seriously? Fucking control yourselves, fellas. When’s the last time you saw coaches getting fined in total of $100,000 in back-to-back weekends?

I can’t wait for the articles about how the real refs are worse or just as bad as the old refs and all that from the same people who were clamoring about the replacement refs being washed up Lingerie Football League refs.

Meanwhile, Fake Edward and Kristen are snuggling watching Orioles games while wearing each others clothes and this time it feels icky. Although, maybe they’re meant for each other. Kind of like a cornerback complaining about the replacement refs and then getting a pass interference call by the real refs this weekend and he’ll wish he never opened his mouth from the get go.

I think that makes sense.

Football tonight!

I’m picking the Ravens.

I feel like it’s either going to be low scoring or a fucking blowout.

I feel like it’s going to be a tough game. Thursday night? Playing a division game after an emotional win against New England? The Ravens should blow the Browns out of the water, but teams do have let down games. Should be interesting as always.

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