Have a great weekend… some suggestions…

September 28, 2012


I, as always, hope you have a wonderful weekend full of consensually wet genitals and possibly be constructive and doing something on your bucket list like scoring a bulls eye with a throwing star to win a ninja skills tournament that the reward bonus is a dragon egg.

But alas, whatever you do and you have a good timing doing it, I support it.

I would like to just mention that there are some movies coming out this weekend or are already at…

DREDD – Don’t see it. Or if you really want to see it then don’t see it now and wait until it comes to DVD. It’s fine. It’s not necessarily that good and it’s really not that bad, but it’s average and with that I was kind of blah after leaving it. Karl Urban does a good job with the little they give for him to do, which is monotone line deliveries and looking tough. Olivia Thirlby is the best part of the movie hands down. Obviously, very cute chick, but her character is the only one with any story or any anything. Dredd is a machine/Terminator more or less and Thirlby is the emotional core of the movie by far as well as the only one you’re really worried about. As for Lena as the main bad guy Ma Ma, she’s fine and some people are happy that it’s a chick playing the heartless torture killing villain – yeah, you should be psyched about that… sarcasm. The movie is also too focused on one gimmick that they thought up, which looks cool, but has no importance to the storyline. In total, the movie is fine, but unnecessary and the actual ending is crazy stupid.

END OF WATCH – I haven’t seen it, but I would. It’s gotten some good reviews.

THE MASTER – Excellent. I loved it. Not surprising because I’ve loved all of Paul Thomas Anderson’s movies and there is no reason to stop now. If I had to really classify what I thought this movie was about, I would say that Joaquin Phoenix represents the ID and Philip Seymour Hoffman the SuperEgo and this journey is to make Joaquin the ego. Or really a story about taming a wild dog. It’s definitely steeped in Scientology, but I think it is even more so steeped in any philosophical idea set or religion or political group where one needs to be indoctrinated into their mindset because they believe once you adopt their mindset, once you’ve taken it on as your own instead of following whatever instincts have naturally led you astray then you’ll be for the better and you’ll try to do the same for others. So, yes a “cult”. But one can call anything a cult as long as they are tightly rigid to those beliefs and you act as they want you to act instead of how you would like to act. It’s a movie about free will. It’s also a movie about growing your own celebrity as well. Beautifully shot movie and intense as you would expect.

LOOPER – It is getting really good reviews. I’m not sure if I think I’ll agree with those reviews or not because from what I’ve seen in the trailer, I think the movie looks stupid. But with that, I still want to see it. I’m a sucker in that way. If the movie is as good as they say then that will be wonderful. If the movie isn’t then it should be funny at how much I don’t like it. Kind of a win/win in that regard. It’s fun to judge, right?

As for fights, if you have Fuel TV then tomorrow, Saturday, there are free UFC fights on during the day starting at 4pm eastern. If you want to watch the even earlier free fights, the undercard to the UFC is on at 1pm eastern on Facebook.

Outside of that, there’s football.

Good game last night. The Browns are team that is incrementally getting better, but so is everyone else. I like Weeden, I like Richardson, I like Joe Thomas flopping on the second to last play of the game causing for one more play and shot at the end zone.

So, Kristen Stewart didn’t fuck Rupert Sanders? That’s good I guess. I didn’t think they did, at the very least not in those pictures. Now, can we just make sure there is no needless Huntsman sequel? Waste of money.

Have a great weekend!

I love you?

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