Miscellaneous Weekend makes for a Miscellaneous Wrap-Up

October 8, 2012


Movies, fights, and football. Movies (!), fights (!), and football (!). MOVIES, FIGHTS, and FOOTBALL. MOVIES, FIGHTS, and FOOTBALL! MOVIES, FIGHTS, and FOOTBALL! MOVIES. FIGHTS. FOOTBALL. MOVIES! FIGHTS! FOOTBALL!







LOOPER – I saw it and I liked it.

First off, let me say that movie critics do not matter. Music critics really don’t matter either, but this past weekend movie critics were shown how trivial they are. The top spot at this weekend’s box office was “Taken 2”, which is currently hovering around a 19% out of 100% on RottenTomatoes and was as low as a single digit percentage early last week. But the people of the US specifically did not listen and the movie grossed a disgusting $50 million. I don’t know what they were expecting, but “Expendables 2” did terrible in its opening weekend not a few weeks back with more stars in it and less bad reviews. But people really want to see Liam Neeson beat up a bunch of Middle Easterners and who can argue with that I suppose.

I did not see “Taken 2”. I did see “Looper”, which is hovering around a 94% out of 100% on RottenTomates and I saw it when it was at 97%. Meanwhile, not many people saw that movie. Opening weekend, $21 million and this weekend $12 million. Some may say that a sci-fi movie that is rated R does those type of numbers and I would also like to remind them that Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt are in the movie, so it’s not hurting for stars to push the project let alone it is receiving double blowjob like reviews from all over the country.

The movie? I liked it. It was not what I was expecting. I will try not to ruin anything. But the movie is about time travel AND super powers. I was surprised about the second item, but the trailers were alluding to weird stuff going on like that shot of Emily Blunt levitating the zippo. But that could’ve been a dream sequence, but it’s not. Anyway, the movie was interesting. I’m not sure if I understand or agree with all the time travel logic or if what happened altered what they think it altered as well as I’m not sure if there are these hidden threads out there that we were supposed to pick up on that I feel like I did, but then I thought maybe they weren’t there to begin with. I still have some lingering questions about the plot and some are lingering because the filmmakers do not try to answer everything for you, and some are lingering because I think the filmmakers forgot or should have answered for us.

Either way, the best part of this movie is that it didn’t lose my interest at any point throughout the movie. I didn’t agree with some of the direction as far as how people acted and the way somethings just were and were not explained and so forth (why are the guns those guns, and why do those two guys have the heaviest southern accents), but overall I was interested in the movie from the start and continued to be until the closing credits. I can’t emphasize how many movies do not do that for me. Whether or not I ever want to see this movie again or really would rate it that high as an overall movie, the director had my attention for 2 hours without question, which is a feat in itself. So, it was an enjoyable trip to the movies to say the least I thought.

Plus, you see New Jersey’s own Piper Perabo topless in the movie for no apparent reason too. If you’re a big Piper Perabo fan and were dying to see those A-cups then you’re in luck.


UFC – On Friday night, the UFC held an event that had almost as much action going on behind the scenes than it did in the cage. While, I’m supposed to be happy for Antonio Silva for getting his first win in the UFC in a big/first main even for him. I was rooting for Travis Browne and that guy decided to be an idiot and throw a few flashy kicks in which he BLEW OUT HIS KNEE performing them. Fucking idiotic! It’s great that Browne is an athletic 6’7″ heavyweight and all, but when that guy acts like a doofus and throws a jump kick in the first minute of a fight and blows out his knee and subsequently hobbles around a couple minutes before getting knocked the fuck out – then he’s a fucking idiot. STOP BEING AN IDIOT!

Flashy can be entertaining for a moment, but a win is a win is a win. Just fucking win and then worry about making a flashy youtube video or something. Just fucking win first.

The rest of the fights were pretty good. Some had some real random endings, but it was another good free card from the UFC. For whatever reason, people don’t appreciate FREE and don’t watch FREE fight cards as much as they should. One day people will realize what idiots they are passing up FREE.

INVICTA FC – You fucking missed the fuck out.

On Friday was the UFC, and on Saturday was Invicta Fighting Championships. Invicta is an all women’s MMA organization set in Kansas City, Kansas that started earlier this year. On Saturday night, Invicta hosted its 3rd event and in that 3rd event they were going to have their first title fight. The debut of the Invicta FC atomweight championship belt which would be contested between Naho Sugiyama and Jessica Penne.

Atomweight is the smallest weight class that Invicta has and is 105 pounds. Then there is 115, straw. 125, fly. 135, bantam, and 145 – feather.

Invicta FC 3 had 14 fights spanning those 5 weight classes, and, in short, it was AMAZING.

I love women’s MMA. I love MMA. I also love women. I love women’s MMA. It’s like chocolate pretzels and peanut butter, but as cagefighting. It’s amazing. I could go on a never ending rant about how much respect I have for the 28 women who fought at Invicta FC 3 and I could go on a never ending rant about how I wish everyone in the fucking world was watching it. I wish people would watch it more than the UFC. I just can’t fathom this idea that when we are arguing about gender roles and equality and whatever else we argue about that Invicta FC literally is breaking down a lot of barriers and I wish people would watch it because they need your support to keep this going.

Women’s professional sports in general has not been easy. Golf and tennis have done the best for themselves in my opinion. I like women’s tennis a lot. I think the reason why women’s tennis and women’s golf have done so well for themselves is because what you’re watching is very indistinguishable from the male product. I would add women’s soccer in here too, but the male counterparts make so much more money its unbelievable and I’m not really sure about how successful women’s professional soccer is. It does crazy well during the Olympics and the world cup and stuff like that, but I’m more thinking day in and day out… oh fuck it, whatever. Women’s soccer is also very similar to the product of male’s soccer. Why am I even arguing on that, I like women’s soccer a lot. Anyway…

The difference in product is something that I can agree with a detractor or not watcher on. Sure the WNBA is not the same as the NBA. It’s a different brand of basketball, a more technical and less flashy and all that.


Women’s MMA is on the level with Men’s MMA.

There are more men in general, but with Invicta FC hopefully that gap will become smaller. The product of fights that the women put out is amazing. It is technical, it is brutal, it is aggressive, it is knowledgeable – it is everything you could ask for from two men fighting. I think it makes it even more special when women are doing it because people don’t think these women can do that. People don’t think these women are good kickboxers or can latch on a triangle choke or can deliver devastating ground and pound or do belly-to-belly suplexes. The people who say that women can’t are only proven wrong with every fucking fight that comes into the Invicta cage. These fights are fucking high entertainment.

If anything, I think a lot of women fights are more aggressive than men fights because we’re still early on in women’s fighting that it is still pure. These women are out there to prove something each and every time. They’re fighting for women’s suffrage with every high kick and guillotine choke. Meanwhile, guys aren’t always like that. They aren’t always there to win or die trying. That’s not to say most are there for the TV cameras and what not, most are there to fight, but there are plenty of guy fighters who just don’t fight with the same passion as the women.

Whether it is one-sided beatdown or a close split decision – the women who fight in these fights are incredible. It takes a lot of fucking balls, and guts, and courage, and whatever for a 6’3″ 240 pound dude with his tattoos and bulky muscles to step into the cage with an equal and lay it on the line and fight them. That is bravery right there. Step into a cage and fight someone. Now, think of that same courage for a woman who is 5’5″ and 105 pounds and she’s trained every day alongside men and is in a male dominated sport and there are people who believe that not only can she not do what she’s about to do because she is simply a she, but there are others who simply don’t think she should even attempt what she is about to do and how she lives her life to have the ability to do what she’s about to … and then she fucking does it anyway. And by anyway, I mean trade punches, kicks, and then secures a triangle choke in the second round to be crowned a fucking CHAMPION with a gold belt and everything.

I love women’s MMA. I love women. I love MMA. I love women’s MMA.


FOOTBALL!!!!!!! – Thank fucking God the Steelers won. Seriously, you bottle up the Eagles and Mike Vick for 4 quarters and the whole time you are dropping passes and committing all the penalties in the world and it comes down to a game winning drive and a field goal?! If I have a heart attack it will be because of the Steelers and probably from all the bacon I eat.

Interesting weekend of games as always.

The fans in Kansas City, MO need to learn what morals are and not cheer for their OWN quarterback being injured.

Miami Dolphins are a good team. Not a great team, but a good team. Their win over the Bengals is a great win because that’s what the Bengals are too. The Bengals are a good team, but not a great team. And with that said, I think the Bengals can beat a great team on any given Sunday. The Dolphins are of that same caliber, but are less consistent. It was a nice win. And they should’ve beat the fucking Jets.

Brady ran over Peyton, but Peyton doesn’t play defense. That same defense let up a truckload in the playoffs to Brady too. They need that defense to get better before they can worry about Peyton scoring enough TDs to win.

Packers losing to the Colts was wild.

Saints got helped out a truck ton last night by the real refs in their first win of the season over the Chargers. I’m surprised Philip Rivers didn’t punch a ref.

Giants are legit. I know it was against the Browns, but the 49ers and the Giants are the top of the NFC still in my opinion – just like last year. 49ers looked unstoppable yesterday.

Nice win for the Vikings. They have a lot more talent than people know. But they still need some more to be a real contender.

In the fourth quarter, the Bear finally realized they were playing the Jaguars and dropped 28 points on them. Prior to that, the game 13 – 3 and after that the game ended 41 – 3. The Bears need to learn how to do that throughout the game and not just in the 4th because other teams won’t sit around waiting for you to do that.

I’m going to tonight’s game between the Texans and the Jets. I’m planning on wearing a Tebow shirt and chanting for him the whole game.

How was your weekend?


2 Responses to “Miscellaneous Weekend makes for a Miscellaneous Wrap-Up”

  1. PWG said

    I saw Looper, too. I didn’t like it so much. Which is not to say I didn’t like it, just that I didn’t like it as much as I expected to. The tragedy of setting your expectations too high. Big fan of most of the people in the movie, good director and great reviews. When I start wondering how they put an 8′ deep floor safe in the middle of an apartment that is not on the ground floor, it just means my attention is wandering. Also found myself wondering why they just didn’t send people back in time directly into an incinerator. I mean, why go to the trouble of having a dropcloth, a shooter, a body transport, etc. when you could just send them back into a volcano or something? Or if you have to send them back to a particular spot, (were all the loopers taking turns standing in that same damn cornfield?) then just, I don’t know, dig a pond there and send them back handcuffed, in cement shoes, with duct tape over their noses and mouths. Not that I’m really picking on the plot, I just found my mind wandering. The best scene was the diner, wish it had gone on longer. “Girl works here on the weekends, name’s Jen.” Ha ha ha ha.

  2. PWG said

    Very sadly, this is what I focused on all weekend.

    10-year old girl kidnapped on her 3 block walk to school on Friday. They found her backpack a few miles away from home. I’m proud that we had 800 volunteers searching for her the first day, and heartsick about where that poor kid’s been for three days. And full of rage that some kidnapper/murderer/rapist is still walking around my neighborhood shopping for children.

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