Bullyproofing a Nation with Rener Gracie

October 17, 2012


Rener Gracie is my idol.

Here’s another excellent video from Rener Gracie who is the spokesman for the Gracie Academy. Besides really well done breakdown videos of how a guy successfully got a highlight reel ending rear naked choke at the latest UFC, Rener as well as his brother and their academy and Gracie certified academies around the world have a mission about bully-proofing future generations.

The above video is a half hour and I know that is a long time for people, but it is a great well thought out soliloquy by Rener explaining why the Gracie’s are tackling this problem of bullying and how they believe they can fix it through bully-proofing victims, the bullies, and the bystanders. It is a three pronged approach that is directed at giving strength and confidence to victims, to properly raising and coaching possible would-be bullies so that they respect others and won’t seek out violence on others, and give bystanders the strength and confidence to step in and help stop bullying when it occurs.

I think a lot of people have a misguided idea of martial arts in general. Besides it not being something that only Jackie Chan and Jet Li do with their fists and feet in a street fight, people don’t give it the credit that we willfully give traditional team sports. But beyond that, what the Gracie’s are promoting and what isn’t really a concern of a baseball team’s coach is positivity.

Rener is a big ball of Sunny positivity. Listen to him speak. Listen to his penetrating eyes. Listen to the sultry sounds of his faint Brazilian accent that wraps around you like a warm scarf on a cold winter’s night. It is the feeling of hot beach sand running through emotional veins. It is wonderful.

I don’t have kids, but I would without a doubt teach them what the Gracie’s are preaching. I would push for the Gracie’s to be speakers at my kids’ school. Besides Rener talking, there are videos of Rener dealing with kids at different schools or events or TV appearances interspliced into this youtube video. I don’t know how a person could watch this condescendingly and think that this isn’t a great thing for kids. I honestly don’t. I wish I did it as a kid. I sincerely do. I wish that I could go back in time and have done this. I would trade any time I spent playing baseball or lacrosse or anything for that.

When I was doing BJJ, I was going to a Gracie certified school in Belmar and they had kids classes and many of the kids’ fathers were doing BJJ with the adults. They were new to it as well. Dad is a green belt, kid is a green belt. I mean that’s great.

It’s not that this would eliminate every act of bullying ever, but I agree it would definitely help out. A lot.

Lastly, let me just say, I think Rener Gracie is Naruto Uzumaki in real life.

He is training the future generations in positivity, to fight for what they believe in, and to help others. He’s going to be hokage one day and I can’t wait.

Also, I saw “Argo” last night. It was great.

I am recently a Cablevision customer. I never heard of this before, but as a Cablevision customer you can sign up for their rewards card and you get two free movie tickets every week on some specified day – ours is Tuesday, maybe everyone’s is Tuesday I’m not sure – at any Clearview Cinema. That’s excellent. We took advantage of that last night and went and saw Argo with most of Morristown’s residents. I’ve never seen that movie theater so packed before. People were all out at the movies. From college kids to would-be hermits. It was pretty interesting.

I’m not saying you should get Cablevision. Honestly, I like Verizon Fios and normally would choose them over Cablevision, but Cablevision was offering a lot for me to join them because I was coming from Verizon and Verizon was offering me less for continued service, so I went with Cablevision. In a year? Who knows. But right now, Tuesday night is movie night.

“Argo” is another solid film from Ben Affleck. Who would’ve guessed it?! Supposedly, Affleck directed a few films before “Gone Baby Gone” that will never see the light of day, but thankfully “Gone Baby Gone” did get released. I loved “Gone Baby Gone”. It was predictable even though it was supposed to be a mystery I guess, but it was well acted, well directed, well paced, and overall quite enjoyable. As for “The Town”, it was very well directed. Very well done action scenes and pacing throughout. The down falls of that movie was overly cheesy/corny dialogue moments and the end was overly cheesy and corny and a rip off of Shawshank Redemption. But the movie was good and I’ve watched it several times. The tone is perfect in “The Town”. Now, “Argo” is very well executed throughout the movie with less hiccups than “The Town” had as far as the cheesy/corny. There were a couple of dialogue moments that scream Affleck trying to be too cute or too smart for his own good, but I think we should all expect that is kind of Affleck’s Achilles heel.

I’d suggest seeing it definitely. A friend who recommended it to me went on about how apropos it is with the embassy violence we are experiencing now in a similar area of the world. Agreed. It is definitely additionally poignant in that regard.

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  1. My 11-yr old is being groomed to test for his black belt – I have never regretted enrolling him in martial arts training when he was 5! He says “yes sir, no sir” to adults, & has learned to focus better in school. He performed a routine kata using his scyes for a talent show last year…which surprised some of his friends who did not know what he could do. I am proud of him, & also worry less about him being either a bullier or the one bullied. As he has been taught to respect others, & “never be abusive or offensive” (his student creed) he knows he should first try to calm down an aggressive attacker, but, he also know he has our permission to protect himself, even if it means incapacitating them. His Keoshi tells the kids to protect others as well, & that if they do need to defend, to do it quickly & thoroughly! I’m a big fan of teaching our kids this ancient art…gives them confidence, agility, control, and focus…we all would benefit from such training, myself included!!

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