KSWI Rocks The Vote, AMIRITE?!

November 6, 2012

I’m driving to the Jersey Shore to go vote.

And I’m voting for this guy…


This will be the third time I have voted for Barack Obama to be President. Voted for him in the primary, voted for him in the general election in 2008, and today I will vote for him again.

I am just as proud if not more proud to vote for Barack Obama to be President for a second term than I was in 2008.

I’ve been seeing some Republicans justify Mitt Romney with the line “America can do better”. Precisely. Amerca CAN and WILL do better and that’s why I vote for Barack Obama.

That’s it.

I hope people go out and vote today.

I hope everyone who wants to vote today is allowed and isn’t turned away by shady political procedure at the polls.

I hope that when these people vote they are honest with themselves on why they are voting for who.

I hope the truth of their vote is not lost on them.

I hope President Barack Hussein Obama is the President of the United States of America for another 4 years.

I hope this country continues to improve.

I hope we always win.

God bless the United States and everyone else.

5 Responses to “KSWI Rocks The Vote, AMIRITE?!”

  1. Kim said

    I’ll be voting for Barack too! Let’s hope enough people do.

  2. PWG said

    I voted the way I always do, which is to drink the night before while filling out the ballot and laughing at the down-ticket judicial candidates. Then I drive the mail-in ballot to the 24-hour voting mailbox because I waited too long to mail it.

    I hope this year it comes down to Colorado, and I hope my vote makes the difference between a Romney or Obama presidency. God knows based on the unholy volume of phone calls and people with clipboards on my porch, someone out there thinks I’m the fucking Keymaster.

    I’m voting Obama, because I’m a flaming liberal. And because Romney’s tax plans would personally save me money, but fuck that. I’m willing to pay more so that the healthcare laws we’ve waited so long for actually take effect. And so gays can really get married someday. And so the government will stay out of my fucking vagina. And in case a Supreme Court justice bites it in the next four years. And because of the Department of Veterans Affairs budget increase. Fuck people who send soldiers to fight and then forget them when they come home injured. And because of the START treaty. And because the Feds’ response to Sandy was a hell of a lot better than the response to Katrina.

    And because of this, damn it.

  3. tiffanized said

    This is the sexiest post in the history of KSWI.

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