It’s Not Cold Enough In New Jersey… Might As Well Go To ICELAND!

November 15, 2012



Later today, @jordan_is_ok and @_dharv are taking a plane to Iceland to visit ICELAND(!).

Should be interesting, right? Hopefully.

We do have a glacier walk scheduled for Saturday and we’re going to try and hit up those Blue Lagoon hot springs. Also, I’m supposed to meet up with that newly minted UFC fighter Gunnar Nelson tomorrow. All crazy random and hopefully we see some kick ass Northern Lights. AM I RIGHT?! Smoke ’em if you got ’em, cheecho!


Kristen Stewart dressed up as a Mexican wrestler’s wet dream this week…

I believe they are actually called “luchadors” and they participate in “luta libre” matches.

I would call this look the “Oaxaca onesie”.

It wasn’t Kristen Stewart’s quinceanera, but from the upper half of her looks like she henna tattooed herself to look like a sugar skull.

The bottom half?

Gloria Estefan, motherfuckers!

Remember when Kristen Stewart broke into Gloria Estefan’s house and stole those yellow and green pants from her closet back when we didn’t know that Kristen Stewart had cheated on Rob Pattinson? Oh what a simpler time that was.

I’m totally into this outfit because I’m picturing Kristen Stewart as the young and hottest Latina wrestling valet who is causing a ruckus in the locker room. All the wrestlers can’t keep their eyes off of her when they are wrestling the luchador she valets and those guys lose because of it and then their own valets freak out because of it. At some point, the valets try to get even with her and corner her and beat her up (hit her with their finishers or double suplexes or assisted powerbombs and so forth) and then they shave part of her head. Which in the end is ok because as seen earlier this week – Stewart can totally pull off the Skrillex look. This all prompts Kristen to learn to wrestle and then at some big event when she gets cornered by one valet she ends up turning the tables on her and hitting her with a running bulldog and then climbs the top rope and pulls off a flawless moonsault … all while wearing those snazzy fucking pants!

Ok? Let’s all move to Mexico!


We’re leaving in a few hours and I just want to say…

You’re going to have to catch this sweet ass on the flip-side!

Flipside of the weekend.

I should be back to posting on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend.

Touch each other.

Love you.


2 Responses to “It’s Not Cold Enough In New Jersey… Might As Well Go To ICELAND!”

  1. PWG said

    Have fun. Have so much fun. I’ll be traveling to the wilds of Georgia this weekend. The Augusta one, not the Tibilisi one. I will not be frolicking on glaciers or in hot springs, unless we’re going to be very loose in our interpretation of a Courtyard Marriott hot tub.

    I saw the documentary Journey to the Center of the Earth, with Brendan Fraser, so I’m pretty sure there’s a volcanic hole up there that leads down to hidden dinosaurs and shit. Stay away from that.

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