Back in the U.S.S.A.! The United Sexy States of America!

November 20, 2012

I’m back.

And I feel like the only thing I missed was…

I love these two motherfuckers! I love this 2 term winning mofo – Obama. I love this pretty vaulting sass monster mofo – McKayla.

War in Israel? Is that really news?

Hostess is closing? I never liked Twinkies to begin with.

Twilight finale? Couldn’t give a lesser fuck.

Although, I did openly “laugh out loud” that I had to escape the continent to get away from the deluge of Twilight nonsense this weekend. I had to run away to a land of glaciers and volcanoes to get peace from the live tweeting of the movie or breakdowns of the film series or whatever happened. But obviously that wasn’t the case. Just a happy accident. Plus with 5 movies of Twilight, it’s been heavily defined as to who are the true fanatics and who are people just watching some movies and who couldn’t give a fuck. So, it’s not like it was the shock like the first couple movies were.



For pictures, I’d suggest hitting up Danielle’s instagram feed of . There are going to be more pictures. Also, on facebook there are pictures. I’m open to new friendships.

A rundown of what we did…


We landed in Reykjavik between 5am and 6am and got into our hotel at about 8am. We ate the breakfast buffet then passed out for a few hours. Then I woke at 11 something and headed over to the Mjolnir MMA gym to meet UFC’s young Icelandic star Gunnar Nelson. I spent a couple hours there filming the gym and people working out and Gunnar hitting a bag then interviewed Gunnar then taped Gunnar rolling then got to roll with Gunnar. He tapped me 4x in 5 minutes, which means if I was on an episode of Bully Beatdown I would’ve won $1000 – so gooooo me and terrible whitebelt-ness.

Then we picked up Danielle and grabbed lunch with Gunnar and his BJJ coach John.

Afterward, Danielle went back to the room to sleep some more. But we rallied a few hours later and took a cab to downtown Reykjavik. We walked around for awhile and walked past a million restaurants and bars to eat at. We were thoroughly unsure what place should be our first place to eat dinner at. It seems like such a commitment when you’re only gong to choose two places to eat dinner at. One of the nights we were going to eat dinner at where the tour was taking us, so we only could choose two dinner locations unless we’re going to go all Taco Bell fourth meal style.

We ended up finally walking into the Grill Market, which was absolutely amazing. I wish I had all the money to eat all their meat and die of a heart disease that night. Besides having great meat of many varieties, everything on the menu said “(contains nuts)”. So their meat came with nuts – that’s what she said. Some of the nuts was their homemade peanut butter, which isn’t my first idea to pair with meat, but putting two things I love together sometimes works out like it did at Grill Market.

We also ate dessert there which was a Godiva chocolate ball filled with coffee ice cream and rice crispies that they poured hot caramel over, which then melted the chocolate revealing the inner contents. It was like a damn magic trick. It was also delicious.

Hmmm… well, I’m seeing that it is 1:20pm and I’m nowhere near being done.

So, I’ll save the rest for tomorrow. I haven’t eaten and I’m starving and I need to get some other shit done today.

I’ll talk more about glaciers and hot springs tomorrow and I’ll round up some pictures. You should check out the already posted pictures like I said.

Anyway… it was an excellent trip and I highly recommend Iceland.

Go there.


One Response to “Back in the U.S.S.A.! The United Sexy States of America!”

  1. We should’ve done the McKayla Not Impressed face, too. Guess we’ll just have to go back.

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