What has been rattling through my hungover brain…

November 29, 2012

Hello, ladies and, possibly, some gentlemen…

I got drunk last night.

I know what you’re thinking, “you get drunk every night?” And I don’t, but I can see where your confusion stems from.

Last night, somewhere in the depths of Morristown, New Jersey a man purchased an unseemly amount of Dogfish Head beer and politely requested that both I and @_dharv as well as several others come over to his house and imbibe as much as we could to help him in his dilemma of having procured too much of a good thing. I know I gave as good of an attempt possible and drank much of his heavy, hoppy, malty, and sometimes oddly seasoned brews. Everything from beers with cocoa nibs in ’em to beers with fresh cilantro in ’em to beers with pinot noir in ’em to beers tasting of pumpkin or oatmeal or possibly beers that are of a 20% alcohol variety. It was a task we all took seriously. And we did quite a good job of relieving said man of his abundance of beers.

Today, I’m more or less just trolling the internet looking for something interesting to sink my teeth into.

The top prospects…

1. http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=97353 … An interview with Andrew Dominik who previously directed “Chopper” and “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Cowardly Robert Ford”, and his new movie “Killing Them Softly”, which is apparently based on a book I’ve never heard of. I’m looking forward to this movie – it comes out this week. Although I do like Brad Pitt a lot, I’m focused on this movie because of the director. I loved “The Assassination of Jesse James…” and I thought “Chopper” was good too. I’m curious what Dominik will do with this modern retelling of a gangster novel.

2. Il Volo… Did anyone watch NBC’s tree-lighting ceremony last night. It was in a word… AWFUL. I had the TV on to watch Brian Williams tell me about the world, and as it ended it immediately went into this abysmal musical display. It was a bunch of singers that I couldn’t care less for singing Christmas carols that I’m fine to never hear again. From the Alfred E. Newman looking Scott McCreery (sp?) to the zombie/undead Tony Bennett/Rod Stewart duo to the absurd Cee-Lo wearing a black full length fur coat with gold stripes. But the honor of the most ridiculous was “Il Volo” who are basically 3 Italian members of One Direction singing opera… and/or three Italian clones of the gay kid from Glee singing pop opera. However you want to understand it. This is what NBC chose to celebrate Christmas? FUCK YOU, NBC. I hate Christmas now. I hope you’re happy.

3. Brandon “Borderline” Marshall is a wide receiver for the Denver Broncos said yesterday that there are NFL players who use viagra as a performance enhancing drug on the field during play. It’s the greatest thing anyone has ever said about anyone else ever.

4. I bought another bottle of scotch yesterday. That is officially the end of me buying scotch for awhile. People should feel free to buy me scotch, but I will stop buying it for myself from now on. The most recent and final purchase of scotch for awhile was a bottle of Aberlour’s cask strength. It’s so delicious. It’s also 60% so it’s the Devil’s liquor.

5. Star Wars VII has been hogging up a lot of bandwidth already and none of it is too promising. They hired Matthew Vaughn supposedly to direct a script being written by a writing duo who have written some good stuff and some terrible stuff. Right now, with the hiring of Vaughn the high watermark possible is it being as good as X-Men First Class. That’s the best it will get, if it even reaches that. But it could be much much much much worse. Let’s hope for everyone’s sake that Vaughn doesn’t impregnate one of the actresses of this Star Wars movie and will get a better or just as good flick as the X-Men First Class. Honestly, that movie wasn’t that good – it had moments, but overall it was disappointing as all the X-Men movies are.

I think that’s all I’ve been thinking about.

What are you thinking about?

4 Responses to “What has been rattling through my hungover brain…”

  1. PWG said

    I liked Coward Robert Ford a lot too, and Brad Pitt makes interesting choices, so I’ll take a look at Killing Them Softly.

    I have an hour long drive into work so I heard a great deal about Brandon Marshall’s Viagra comment. Mostly speculation about if it just increases overall blood flow or if the Broncos are actually trying to hump other teams into submission. And how much stimulation is required to walk around the sidelines with a boner. How does the presence of a cheerleading squad affect the outcome? I would sure as hell ask Tim Tebow about it if I were ever in a position to interview him.

  2. I’m thinking about how cute baby pygmy hippos are.

  3. tim said

    What I was thinking…

    Robert Frost spoke of the road less traveled, a road to ruin and creation, a road of passion. Every chapter of our lives we must simply ask and try to the best of our ability to answer those few good questions that meet us from time to time. A path of romantics, we few share in common a belief that propels our hearts against the caution of our minds. This civil war continues our search into the dangerous directions of the unknown and whispers secrets of immortality.
    As in any story we all play a part of a great history, many histories and this war waged within us are the encounters of spirits, one spirit splitting over the other. We long for heart and mind to meet in the morning pastures of a calm and untamed nature. We yearn from within to be approached in the greatest moment of our vulnerability and to be understood completely. We count the minutes that turn into hours and the hours that turn into years. Time draws our hope closer that a series of happenings will shorten our breath and intoxicate our senses. What a beautiful rain to stand in. The dramatic pull of the heavens continues with heavy and sweet poetries. Can one not help but to sit quietly in the stillness of daydreams and listen to the rainy thoughts of life and become consumed by those who may be sharing a similar moment, those who have awoken to the furies of a cascading life of light?


    • kristenstewartwantsit said

      Agreed, but I’ll temper that thought with people are more beautiful than places. So, try to find one of those other daydreamers who enjoys the furies of a cascading life of light and share those moments with them than alone… and afterward – throw a fuck into them.

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