Working for the weekend…

November 30, 2012


Sad as it may sound, but I’m looking forward to a trip to Costco this evening. I know I know, but all my delicious meats are pretty much done in my freezer and that’s depressing. I don’t know if this is just a local Costco thing or all of them, but they have the meatiest scallops in the history of scallops. It’s like they’re scallop beef tips or something. I like them. They’re sturdy like I could build a foundation off of them.

There’s no UFC until next week. Feels like forever. But from next weekend until the end of the month there are 4 UFC events, so I’ll be overflowing with caged fisticuffs, which makes me happy.

Also, need to start thinking of Christmas presents.

I think I’m a pretty good/great gift giver. I haven’t heard a lot of complaints over the years, but maybe they were just be nice. Who knows? I think my boringness is reaching another level in that I really can only think of presents involving things needed for the house and/or money. No gadgets or all that. This might be the first birthday since I was a small child that I can’t even muster up a videogame that I want. So sad.

But I did see Newark Mayor and internet superstar Cory Booker yesterday.

Again, that’s almost depressing that seeing a Mayor of Newark got me excited. He only walked by, but if he had stopped I would’ve fan-girled all over that man. I would have morphed into a young lady who has a penchant for Brits and feminine dudes and ran to him to snap a picture with him like he was One Direction. A mayor?! I know, but I do like Cory Booker a lot. Check out “Street Fight” if you’ve never seen it. It’s a great documentary about Booker’s first campaign for mayor of Newark against Sharpe James.

For a minute there, I thought Drew Brees was going to win the game last night and instead he threw 100 interceptions. It’s funny how life works like that. People keep saying that they’re unimpressed with the Falcons and then other people keep saying how can you not be impressed by the Falcons. I’m of the former. I think the Falcons are a well balanced team, but as good of a game that was for them – they also looked like they could’ve lost that game. I’m not sure exactly what is planned for next season, but I think people should watch the fuck out from the New Orleans Saints. If they’re problem is no Sean Payton and next year there is Sean Payton – they’re going to go out there looking for blood more than they ever did under Gregg Williams.

Also, I’m probably see “Killing Them Softly” this weekend. I’m excited to see it because of the director and at the same time I’m a little concerned that it is only 97 minutes. Maybe all he needs is 97 minutes and not that the studio made him edit whatever down to 97 minutes. Who knows. It’s apparently more guy driven than Lawrence of Arabia, which is interesting. In some ways, that might be ok. I’d rather a director/writer who isn’t comfortable writing for women try not to just because he/she feels like they have to. I suppose. At the same time, they should start getting comfortable writing for women because they’re so pretty and they make me happy all over my body. Dominick really hasn’t had too many women characters in his other two movies. I can’t think of a woman character in “Chopper” really and “The Assassination of Jesse James…” really only had Mary Louise Parker playing Pitt’s wife who isn’t in the movie all that much. So… maybe one day he’ll crack into writing for the XX’s. And in all honesty, most of Hollywood can’t write for women. Most of Hollywood can’t write too.

Steelers have a tough one on Sunday.

What’s happening with you?!

2 Responses to “Working for the weekend…”

  1. Kim said

    Hey — I fucking LOVE Costco! It’s my Happy Place!
    I’ve had my eye on the scallops before, thanks for confirming that they are awesome — I will def buy some next time!
    Be sure to let us know how Killing Them Softly is — I’m on the fence about it and planning to see Life of Pi this weekend.

  2. PWG said

    I went to Costco this month and renewed my card. The lady at the membership counter grilled me about why my last name is different from my husband’s, whose name is the primary on the account. She told me, “Who is this person? If it’s just a boyfriend you can’t be on the account.”

    Then a time machine came and whisked her back to the 1950’s.

    Speaking of Saudi Arabia, wrap your skull around this crazy ass concept:
    breast milk kinship.

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