February 1, 2013

Hi again… please forgive for yesterday’s absence.

Also, I got a late start on today’s post, so I will have to save my meat sauce recipe for next week. YEP. A cooking recipe. I’ve made this particular meat sauce “recipe” – or more like a general rule of ingredients that I throw together – a couple times now and it is delicious. Also, I relayed the structure of the meat sauce over the phone to my birth giver and both her and my other biological parent really enjoyed it. So, meat sauce!

As for today…

First, Amy Adams.

I love Amy Adams. You love Amy Adams. And, if you don’t, then there is a special place in Hell for you for not loving one of God’s most precious acting angels. YOU HEAR ME!

I could easily write a longer list of people who have seen Bigfoot (not the monster truck) or been abducted by aliens (not Mexicans) than people who legitimately don’t like Amy Adams.

I was also thinking that Amy Adams should be interviewed, talked about, and be more apart of each one of our everyday lives. Like, I hear way about a lot of other people way too much. I simply know too much or have anecdotal information about way too many people – people I don’t like, people I down right hate, and people who don’t really offer up anything all that worthwhile – MEANWHILE Amy Adams is modern treasure and she should be on the tips of everyone’s tongues at all times or most of the time.

While her acting career started in 1999/2000, I only took a real notice in Amy Adams until Junebug in 2005. I love Junebug. I actually rewatched it the other day. I had apparently seen Amy in “Pumpkin” and on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, but it was Junebug that made me think we as a people need to start looking out for and possibly worshipping at the feet of this short and talented redhead.

She follows up Junebug with Talladega Nights, which is one of the fucking funniest fucking movies fucking ever fucking made. Then she’s in Tenacious D’s movie then she’s in Enchanted then she’s in Charlie Wilson’s War and I went to the theater to see her and Emily Blunt in Sunshine Cleaning. You know, it wasn’t great, but it was good. Then she’s in Doubt. Killed it in Doubt. Then there was another movie with Meryl with Julie & Julia. Not really a movie for me, but I know people did really like it. Then she was one of the better parts of The Fighter. I didn’t see The Muppets, sue me. I haven’t seen On The Road yet, but she was great in The Master and was nominated for it.

Amy’s nomination for The Master is her 4th in 7 years. That’s some fucking acting, people! And deserved too. Well, maybe I can gripe about The Fighter. She’s good in The Fighter, but overall I didn’t like The Fighter. But she was great in Junebug, Doubt, and The Master. And if someone wants to throw The Fighter in there too, why not. They’re all critical acclaimed because of the nominations, but even more so they’re very different roles. They’re all “supporting” roles, which is telling that for some reason Hollywood isn’t giving her enough to do in these “starring” roles.

Just wanted to throw that out there…


I guess I’m rooting for the San Francisco 49ers. And I’m rooting for them by the slightest of margins.

If I had to pick a Harbaugh I like more, it’s probably Jim because he’s a fucking lunatic. It’s not that I think John Harbaugh isn’t a lunatic, but like Phil Simms said on Inside the NFL, I just think John hides it better. And, since I don’t deal with either of them, I’m pulling for the one that can’t hide that he’s a lunatic. Plus, being a professional football player for well over 10 years or even for 1 year means you’re a special brand of psychopath, so Jim Harbaugh is a special brand of psychopath. He walks with a John Wayne limp from the hits he took as a QB in the NFL, he’s got wild eyes, he competes at everything – lord knows that a game of Monopoly with Jim Harbaugh could end with gun play – and, at the same time, he’s an inspirational coach in the idea of showing that college coaches can too. Can too be good at pro coaching. Anyway… I do like Jim better than John.

Let me make something clear before I move onto my next point. It has been mentioned several times to dozens of times on this blog before, but I am in awe of Ray Lewis. I am in constant awe of Ray Lewis. I think Ray Lewis is unquestionable one of the greatest football players I have or will ever see play the game of football. I love Ray Lewis. So, I do want to see him win another Super Bowl because of my love for him, but it’s a second ring and not a first one and I don’t necessarily need to see him win a second one because I did see him win one already. Right?

I think about the Ravens as the Ray-vens. I don’t give a fuck about the black bird or Edgar Allan Poe. The first draft pick, the only living thing who will ever wear the #52 for this team… is Ray Fucking Lewis. And, he’s the team. He’s the reason they’re a bunch of bad dudes on that field and all that. They’re the fucking Ray-vens. They’re the disciples of Ray fucking Lewis.

But… I have to add this weird little caveat…

The Ray-vens’ QB is Joe Flacco. He’s only the second QB since the inception of the team that has led them to a Super Bowl. I have a particular fondness for the first. The first being Trent Dilfer. I love Trent Dilfer. You know that love I have for Amy Adams, Ray Lewis, and for puppies, and for warm chocolate chip cookies, and for my own meat sauce (kinda gross sounding) – I have that same love for Trent Dilfer. I don’t feel like going into it now, but I love Trent Dilfer, ok? DEAL WITH IT!

Trent Dilfer was the Ray-vens’ QB who won their first and only Superbowl. With Ray Lewis’ career apparently coming to an end, there is a selfishness in me that the only man to lead the Ray-vens’ offense, while Ray lead the defense and really everything, to a Super Bowl would be Trent Dilfer. It would get a little muddled with Joe Flacco winning one with Ray. Whatever. It’s just an OCD kind of tick that I have that I would like that to stay that way, but whatever. I can deal.

So, I’m really looking forward to seeing Joe Flacco win a Super Bowl, but I would love to see Colin Kaepernick win one.

One of the great storylines of this season was young quarterbacks. It started with RGIII and Andrew Luck and continued with Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick. There were others thrown in there as well with numerous rookies as starting QBs this year. It was a year talking about the youth at the position as well as an evolutionary step in the position that people had to recognize that ability of these mobile QBs. The myth of the non-mobile QB, the stoic pocket passer QB is about half-bullshit. There have been mobile QBs since the beginning and actually at the beginning all they were were mobile QBs. Anyway, there are plenty of mobile QBs like Aaron Rodgers and Michael Vick and Cam Newton and Ben Roethlisberger and so on. And Jay Cutler got back to his roots of being mobile this year and really had some amazing performances this year built off of his mobility. But while 2 years ago, Cam Newton had a lot of personal statistical success, these other teams that were actually good teams before now added a young, mobile QB and made a run at the Super Bowl with Colin winning out. I have always been a fan of mobile QBs and my first QB love was most certainly Randall Cunningham. I love Randall Cunningham. So, there’s a big piece of me that would love to see Colin Kaepernick win the Super Bowl as a testament to people finally voicing their unabashed recognition and appreciation for the mobile QB.

Also, there are a ton of guys on the 49ers that I’m a big fan of like Patrick Willis, Vernon Davis, Justin Smith, Aldon Smith, Bowmore and well all their LBs, Frank Gore, don’t forget MFing Randy Moss and so on. So, I would like to see these guys get rings and I would like to see Randy Moss catch a TD.

Third, UFC 156: Frankie Edgar vs. Jose Aldo

I’m going to be losing it during this fight. I’m an enormous fan of both of these men, but I’m rooting for Frankie Edgar. I will be a nervous wreck watching this fight and I sincerely cannot wait for it to happen. My stomach will be numb, my leg probably shaking, my heart beating to fast, and my brain primped to explode.

I’m really worried about this fight going to the judges and Frankie getting screwed and you know what I’m worried about Jose getting screwed too. I want Frankie to win and I want it to be a great fight and I want it to be without controversy.

There’s certainly a possibility that there will be controversy if it goes to the judges. Judges fuck up a lot. They fuck up big fights a lot. They fuck up Frankie’s fights a lot. Personally, I didn’t think Frankie won the first fight against BJ Penn to win the UFC lightweight belt. I obviously think Frankie won the second fight against BJ Penn. I thought the draw against Gray Maynard was correct. And I think Frankie won both fights against Benson Henderson, especially the second one. I thought he won the first too, but I didn’t even think there would be controversy in the second one. I only imagined there was a slight possibility that Frankie would be ruled the loser of the second Benson fight because judges are fucking awful at their job, but that was it. I thought he won the second fight without any issue. The first fight was closer, but I thought Frankie did more in that fight round-by-round, but Benson landed the most meaningful strike. One meaningful strike in 25 minutes as opposed to doing much more in that 25 minutes? I thought Frankie won those fights and should still be the lightweight champion instead of having two losses on his record.

Anyway, I’ll be going nuts – internally and possibly externally – on Saturday night watching UFC 156.

The rest of the card is great too with Rashad Evans vs. Little ‘Nog, Alistair Overeem vs. Bigfoot, Demian Maia vs. Jon Fitch, and Joe Benavidez vs. “Uncle Creepy” Ian McCall.

I love cagefights.

I love you.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Thanks for reading.



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