Absolutely The Best Part Of The Super Bowl…

February 4, 2013


End of story.


4 Responses to “Absolutely The Best Part Of The Super Bowl…”

  1. Her one leg kind of looks like a stump, which is entertaining me for the moment. Also, “thighs like what, what, what” is on a constant loop in my head.

    • kristenstewartwantsit said

      It’s magnetic. It’s animal. It’s sexual…

      And, it’s hilarious.

      Think about the hours of practice of Beyonce doing that kick. Also, she’s singing and she’s singing like doing this kick in the air is just a normal thing to do. Also also, this idea that her doing this makes sense at all and makes sense for a Super Bowl halftime show. So many methaphysical questions like how do we answer for the obviousness that Beyonce “had” to do this move. It’s funny.

      • PWG said

        It’s a defensive move she’s practicing in case one or both of the other Destiny’s Child singers stick around too long.

  2. PWG said

    My favorite part of the Super Bowl was when I got to watch it a second time right after the first time. We went to a party and I thought we watched the game there. But apparently, no, we also socialized and talked to other people and therefore must have missed some parts of the game. Knowing the final score has no bearing on this situation, we came home after the game ended, put the kids to bed, and then queued it up all over again on the DVR.

    Me: “What . . .but we just, . . .why?”
    Mr. PWG: “I don’t know which parts I missed.”

    The bright side was that I DID miss the commercial with the wolf pup and mom the first time around. It made up for maybe an hour of the re-watch.

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