FIRST: He’s Not Dead; SECOND: How Awesome Was That?!

February 6, 2013


Good lord that was incredible.

That was from last night’s episode of “The Ultimate Fighter” which is on FX – Tuesdays 9pm, right before “Justified”.

The winner aka the black guy aka the spinkick master aka imaginary hadouken thrower aka Uriah Hall.

The loser aka the white guy aka the spinning heel kick to the face receiving master aka I’m swear to you he’s not dead aka Adam Cella.

The UFC President Dana White had been hyping up this knockout for the past month. He specifically stated two things that fans of TUF should watch out for this season:

1. One guy is such a lunatic in the house that people were legitimately afraid of him.

2. A skull shaking knockout you’ll never forget.


In this gif, the world should just explode after he lands that kick.

If you didn’t know, you don’t go limp when you get knocked out. You actually go stiff.

So, obviously, this is the knockout we’ve been hearing about and Dana White wasn’t lying about it. He’s been seriously hyping up this KO since before the first episode aired and last night on twitter he was tweeting like a mad man hyping it up and damn near had a second by second countdown of when it would happen.

I don’t think anyone in their right mind thought this KO would go any other way than Uriah knocking out Adam. If you don’t know, as a TUF viewer you don’t know the outcome a head of time of the fights going into the episode. But the fight itself was arguably the best guy in the house vs. not one of the best guys in the house. Uriah has been unilaterally been picked as the favorite to win the show with his overwhelming athleticism, his size, speed, and obviously his wide arrange of explosive KO kicks. Meanwhile, Adam wasn’t seen as a pushover, but he wasn’t seen as much of a match for Uriah.

So, when Dana White and the UFC were talking about how we needed to tune in to see someone get knocked the fuck out, everybody rightly assumed it was Uriah cleaning Adam’s clock. Nevertheless, with all the KOs scene in MMA and in boxing over the years, what was so particular about this one that Dana was hyping it up as one of the most devastating he had ever seen in his life?


It lives up to the hype to say the least.

And if you’re wondering, I mean besides the immediate Ryu “Street Fighter” hadouken pantomime, Uriah was very concerned with how his fallen foe was doing. So was everyone. In the end, it took him several minutes to get back to sitting and then standing and then walking around, but he’s fine and they took him immediately to the hospital to get him checked out.

As far as the other point that Dana promised?

Who is the crazy one?

Well, that hasn’t revealed itself just yet.

It’s only been 3 episodes so far, but every time someone talks I just keep expecting that this is the moment that the guy snaps and announces himself as the crazy one. There are so many red herrings. I don’t know which one is the crazy one. I have some suspicions, but it really could be almost any of them.

With that said, if you do like TUF then guess what?! They’re going to be TWO OF THEM!

I’m not even talking about how the UFC has international TUF’s on sometimes coinciding with the American TUF of FX.

No, the other MMA company out there in the American world with a TV contract – “Bellator” – is starting their own ripoff of The Ultimate Fighter this Summer I believe. The show will be on Spike and will be called “Fight Master”. It’s going to be terrible, but I’ll watch at least some of it. Especially, since there is usually less to watch during the Summer.

Speaking of Spike and Bellator and all that…

I read an article yesterday that made sense and at the same time that sense made me depressed.

A little backstory, the UFC was on Spike for several years. At the end of 2011, the UFC signed a deal with FOX to move its programming to their channels. That meant TUF would go from Spike to FX and the UFC would start having live events on FOX, FX, and Fuel. BUT! As part of the deal, Spike was able to run old UFC programming that had originally appeared on Spike for all of 2012.

Spike did rehash a lot of the UFC’s old content and specifically when the UFC was having new content on one of the FOX channels. It’s a little thing called “counter-programming”. So, let’s say that Michael Bisping would be fighting on FX per say then Spike would run a multi hour marathon of whatever fights they had from Michael Bisping and other fighters. This went on all last year with FOX, FX, Fuel having a new fight or new TUFs and Spike playing old fights or old TUFs at the same time.

Now, the year is 2013 and the UFC has held two events and wouldn’t you know that these ratings for these events are the best the UFC has experienced thus far.

Apparently two things were happening…

1. The counter-programming worked.


People are stupid… especially any of these mythical people who have Nielsen’s cable boxes.

I’m not going into the details, but it is pretty clear cut in the article that people were legitimately duped into watching old events on Spike while new/live events were happening on either FOX, FX, or Fuel. That’s fucking retarded.

I get that some people will think that’s fine and they’re playing devil’s advocate and stuff, but there are a lot of tell-tale signs if you’re watching that an event is old or new. One big one is that the people fighting are not the people who were advertised on commercials during the NFL or on the internet or where ever. That’s one thing. There’s another thing that some of these fights will not be in HD, the venues are shitty, and the production is shittier and all that. Another thing, all the out of date advertisements/sponsors that would be talked about or on the mats.

I mean if you’re watching a fight and there’s a big sponsor logo on the mat for an action movie that came out 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 years ago. It might be a tell-tale sign that this isn’t recent.

When Mike Goldberg says that this fight is sponsored by Mickey’s Malt Liquor and Forrest Griffin looks 4 years younger and the video is in standard def then you might want to think twice about what you’re watching.

I know people will argue, “oh, I don’t think I would notice that.” Well, you should.

When you’re watching the NFL and they tell you a fight is on FX, turn on FX not Spike. End of story.

Thankfully, after a year, people are starting to get the message. The message that the UFC is running free fucking fights like every two weeks for the whole fucking year on channels like FOX, FX, and Fuel, so fucking watch ’em. They’re fucking free and live and with how the UFC is evolving spinning heel kicks that nearly take a man’s head clean off his shoulders is becoming more common place.

At one time, people used to say that “fancy martial arts shit” like that didn’t work in a “real fight” and/or a “UFC fight”. Well, guess the fuck what? It works. It all works. The craziest fucking kick in the fucking world works. You just have to land it. More than anything, the problem was that back in the day, guys were shit scared of being in these fights and at the same time only knew like 1/10th of what was going to happen to them and the other 9/10ths hampered their abilities. Also, most of those guys weren’t all that athletic.

Now, these guys are incredible athletes and they know all 10 of those 10ths and with that they can be more free at trying something. If a striker isn’t afraid of getting taken down then he can throw the kitchen sink at the guy. He knows that he knows how to defend a take down, if he does get taken down he knows how to get back up, or even fight off his back and do something on the ground. Now that fighters are well-rounded, they can allow their specialties to take center stage. Spinning hook kicks, jumping off the cage, all that stuff is open because if they miss and put themselves in a bad spot, they can recover and deal with that spot.

Shit’s only going to get crazier from here.


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