We’re Going Snorkelling…

March 1, 2013

People keep teasing that we’re going to see “sea turtles”.

I better see some fucking sea turtles or I’ll get my VENGEANCE ON THEM!!!!!!

@_dharv and I drank a million mai tais yesterday. So, much sugary alcohol. Then Danielle got the hiccups and I started throwing her around in the water and she almost got sick.

We’ve been eating well.

I’ve been out in the Sun a lot, so my normal skin color of translucent is now slightly translucent.


One Response to “We’re Going Snorkelling…”

  1. PWG said

    If I threw up a mai tai in a hotel swimming pool, I would immediately paddle away from the spreading red cloud while screaming, “Shark! SHARK!!” I think everyone would be freaked long enough that you could conceal your complicity.

    Also, if the turtles you see are, in fact, fucking . . . well, turn away. Turtles need their privacy.

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