I cannot stop watching this…

March 21, 2013







3 Responses to “I cannot stop watching this…”

  1. tiffanized said

    It’s a wallaby literally kicking the ass of a Muscovy duck.

    I can’t say for sure where, but if this is occurring outside of captivity, my best guess would be New Zealand, which is one of the only places that both of these animals would exist in the wild. The Muscovy duck looks like it might be of the domestic variety, so I could be wrong.

    It was at least five years ago, since the oldest video of this I could find was posted in January of 2008.

    I don’t even think we need to ask why.

    According to Wikipedia, “Male Muscovy Ducks have spiralled penises which can become erect to 20 cm in one third of a second.” That’s an instant eight inches in America, folks. I don’t know if that tells you how this happened, but I doubt you care anymore.

  2. NixHaw said

    I honestly think the the duck just wanted a hug.

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