I’m rooting against Duke … always

March 22, 2013

What’s up?

Danielle and I are spending the weekend in Philadelphia aka Philly aka Illy aka Phila aka Philadelph aka that city that’s not the prettiest, but I lived there for 5 years so I have fond memories of it aka Rocky’s home.

I’m casually watching the NCAA tournament hoping Duke will lose.

I don’t think I care about who wins so as long as Duke loses. Albany is playing them right now and I have no faith in them pulling off the upset, but hopefully someone will at some point in the next week.

This Duke/Albany game is actually happening in Philadelphia at the Wells Fargo Center. I guess that’s a segue of sorts.

What else is going on? I don’t even know.

I thought this was pretty cool – http://www.buzzfeed.com/jimmyd2/if-these-10-hybrid-animals-really-existed-the-wor-7g4s

and this made me laugh yesterday…

It’s a video highlighting how absolutely awful the working copy of “The Walking Dead” videogame is.

It’s terrible, but maybe the people are actually big fans of the show and are keeping faithful how bad the show actually is.

Later in the video like 3 minutes in or so, they show that zombies can’t get through a simple wooden police barricade/horse. The character you control can easily jump over the barricade, but the zombies can’t so they have to run around all the barricades to get to you and if you jump over the barricade to the other side then they’ll run back the way they came to get you on that side. Brilliant.

Also, the zombies can crouch or crawl or really do anything.

What else is happening?

Kate Upton might be going to a high school prom.

Jon Hamm has a huge dick.

Amanda Bynes looks like a crackhead Nicki Minaj and she wants Drake to destroy her vagina.

Everything sounds pretty good in the world.

I guess that’s really it.

I just watched Price is Right for the first time in years and some woman bid $21,000 on her showcase showdown and the actual retail prices was $47,000. She was off by more money than she bid. Unbelievable. Meanwhile, the guy she played against bid $35,000 on a showcase that was only $27,000. So the dumbass dude lost to that dumbass woman. Amazing television program. The dumbass woman’s showcase featured a 2013 Mini Cooper convertible, which costs more money by itself than what she bid to begin with PLUS a trip to Carmel and Montana with hotels and such. I didn’t see the beginning of the show, so I don’t know how she got to the showcase showdown, but she has absolutely no concept how expensive anything is and might as well have guessed $1.

Have a great weekend!

I love you?


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