GAME OF THRONES ep 2 and MAD MEN season premiere – THOUGHTS

April 8, 2013


I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Danielle and I drove up to Beantown or Boston or the creation zone of all Massholes or a fun city in the really North East.

I cannot recommend eating at “Hungry Mother” in Cambridge. It is an excellent restaurant. They have a nice beer/booze menu as well, but the FOOD THE FOOD! It’s more or less American comfort food done by a indie boutique restaurant. It’s just good food with an interesting twist to it and blah blah blah you shove it in your flavor hole and it makes you happy.

We walked around the city some, drank a bunch, ate some ice cream (peanut butter Oreo), we spent an entire day of eating items covered in buffalo sauce, and I got to watch one of Danielle’s friends eat a “Brunch Burger” which was two pieces of french toast, a 10ounce hamburger, and two eggs sunny-side up all covered in Hollandaise sauce. It was impressive.

Also, Connecticut drivers are absolutely horrendous. California drivers are generally terrible. There are times driving in Maryland where I thought I was going to go out of my fucking mind with how bad the drivers were. I guess every state is filled with bad drivers as all states are made up of people and by and large people are awful at driving, but Connecticut is definitely up there with the worst in the Continental US.

And, we got back right in time for Game of Thrones and Mad Men.


No nudity?!

I feel like I was swindled last night. We all should feel that way.

I still don’t know how people who didn’t read the books watch this show. The confusion is one thing, but the reverence is my problem. I don’t know people who didn’t read the books are supposed to care about anything that is happening or who any of these people are. The books are filled with backstory. Paragraphs upon pages upon chapters of backstory – that’s why the books are so fucking long. They’re 900 pages because so much shit is happening. They’re Oxford Dictionary thick because so much has happened before in Martin’s itty brain that he wants to tell you all about these people time and time again to make you think they’re worth hearing about for 5 seconds of real time.

Last night, they introduced Thoros of Myr, Jojen Reed, and Meera Reed.

Let’s start with Thoros…

For all the book readers: Thoros was talked about a lot in regards to him being the red monk who appeared at the King’s Landing tournaments and would compete in the sword fighting battles with a sword that was on fire. He’s a crazy man who also fought in battle with a flaming sword and took part in famous battles that are talked about over and over again. There’s a lot in the books about magic, fire, and specifically flaming swords. Thoros is apart of that. His flaming sword is something that isn’t magical and is caused by him putting flammable liquid on the sword setting it ablaze and eventually it actually hurts his sword. It’s also a parlor trick because Thoros is a tough adversary being a seasoned battler who has participated in a lot of these wars, but he’s not skilled like Jamie Lannister is or some others. He’s a mad man who is looking to intimidate with gimmick. Getting back to the sword bit, there are people in the book like Stannis who are trying to wield a sword that is flamming through magic and not just flammable liquid.

For all the non-book readers: Who?

I had seen pictures of what Thoros was cast to look like and I’m disappointed by how run of the mill he looks. I’m disappointed by how run of the mill most of them look. I don’t know how people who didn’t read the books keep track of everyone because honestly there’s not much to tell them apart.

As for Jojen and Meera…

I think they did a much better job introducing them albeit quick, but I think that should have been more interesting and more thoughtful to people who didn’t read the book. The casting of the characters is good. The kid from “Love Actually” makes a good Jojen. Jojen is supposed to be young, but have an aura of a serious, old, and wise man. I think this kid can do that. He’s also supposed to appear frail and helpless as far as physicality and that seems on par as well. As for Meera, I think in the books she’s got long blonde hair. The girl they chose doesn’t look anything like the other kid, which isn’t good since they’re supposed to be brother and sister. Whatever. At least they found a chick and they included the character. The Bran stuff was fine, but I don’t know why they didn’t show Rickon’s wolf (Shaggy Dog) when they showed him running off. They’ve really made Rickon an afterthought more so than the books, which is saying something because he’s an afterthought in the books as well.

And then there was the torturing of Theon…

If you didn’t read the books then you probably have little to no clue who is torturing Theon and you definitely don’t have any idea as to the depth of why. That’s a grave misstep in this show. I think you can get the idea that Theon is in trouble, but the show has not emphasized how much trouble he is in and how absolutely terrifying the people that Theon is with currently are. They’re evil people and I don’t think the show really has gotten that across enough.

Lastly, Kingslayer and Breanne…

The sword fight in the book is more interesting, but they’re not doing that terrible of a job. I think they could have easily done a better job with this storyline because it is entertaining, but they’re not royally fucking it up. As with Theon’s story, the people who took Kingslayer and Breanne at the end are Roose Bolton’s people whose banner is that of a flayed man. These are not good people. These are bad people. Bolton is not a good guy and they are going to start showing that in the show, but they really should have done that awhile ago. The people who have Theon are also Bolton’s people with their leader being Bolton’s bastard Ramsey. These are evil people. I don’t think they’ve gotten that across on the show.

The stuff with Sansa was good. The stuff with Margery was good. I think there was only one bit with Jon Snow, which was forgettable. The stuff with Robb was fine, but quick – I don’t think they’re really emphasizing enough what the problems are with his story. They need to sell it harder how and why the marriage to Charlie Chaplin’s cute granddaughter is a terrible thing.

AND THEN… there was Tyrion getting a blowjob. That scene was whatever and honestly that happens in the book more times than I can count. If you feel like reading the books then get ready to read a lot about incest sex and about a dwarf getting constant erections and how his lovely Shae takes care of them.


Some good, some bad, more of the same.

The first 20 minutes of the show, Don was a mute.

He doesn’t say his first words until sitting at the bar with the PFC Jenkins or whatever. I was genuinely hoping he wouldn’t speak at all for the entire 2 hour episode.

Before I get to Don…

The stuff that less fat Betty was up to – I have no idea what to say about that. I don’t know who that girl is and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to know. When was there a violin pseudo prodigy hanging out with fat Betty? Nevertheless, it led to Betty having a completely odd and unnecessary adventure into New York City and the girl was really only present for Betty to make a rape to her husband, which was completely out of the blue and amazing. Why was that in the show? For what reason? I have no idea, but it was hysterical and will be completely forgotten about because all it was was shock value.

Peggy’s doing what Peggy’s always been doing – working. Nothing new to report with Peggy that she’s good at her new job.

Pete didn’t get to do much.

Roger’s stuff was predictable. I did find the shrink sessions to be interesting and clever. It was super obvious that he was going to start crying with the shoe shine kit instead of at his mother’s funeral. And he’s running around with new young women -great. Same old, same old.

That one writer grew a phenomenal beard, while the other grew the most pedo mustache ever.

Megan was in a bunch of the episode. Nothing really to report minus she’s got a job and she’s got fantastic side boob. But we kind of knew that. I guess the only thing that was really knew with her is that she loves smoking dope. Am I right?!

So… back to Don…

Nothing knew to report in the least. Same Don as ever. Has a hot wife, cheats on her. Troubled by death, gets lost in thought a bunch, stares in silence, looks great in a suit, loves to smoke, and is beloved by all. The stuff with him and the doctor was interesting and then I guess it was surprising that Don was cheating with that dude’s wife. I guess. It felt more like Linda Cardelini was part of some “Make a Wish” project and she wished to have a post coital scene with Don Draper. Congrats, Linda!

The best moment of the whole episode was at the New Years party when the drunk blonde told Don she might start stripping her clothes off in the elevator or something like that and Don just vacantly looked at her while chewing. I laughed so hard I started to wheeze and we had to stop the show and rewind it because we missed the rest of the scene. I couldn’t stop laughing and I was crying and basically it was too funny to really explain.

I’m glad “Mad Men” is back.

I’m glad “Game of Thrones” is a show.

They’re engaging and entertaining, but hopefully they get better.


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  1. The answer to all of your “I don’t know how people who don’t read the books…” musings is that we don’t. We don’t know who that is. We don’t know why it’s important. We don’t know anything. But we watch anyway. Probably because boobs.

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