Tuesday Night = Oxygen Network Night

May 1, 2013


My TV viewing habits have changed dramatically over the years and, more specifically, the past couple months.

When I’m not watching a particular show like “VEEP” or “Nathan For You” or something with a designated time and commitment level, I usually have the TV on the Food Network. I rarely if ever watched the Food Network up until about midway through last year. Now, I can’t stop watching reruns of shows like “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives”, “Chopped”, and “Restaurant Impossible”. I could watch and have watched marathons of those shows without a second thought. I would estimate at least once a week I watch multiple episodes of each one of those shows back-to-back-to-back.

But even stranger viewing habits have occurred on Tuesday nights.

On Tuesday, as the title suggests, I’m watching the Oxygen Network.



This is a weirdly edited video, but I think it gets the point across at how fucking wild the Bad Girls Club is. This particular fight is from a few seasons ago, but don’t worry the show has not gotten any tamer since this fight.

Last night, there wasn’t a new episode of BGC, but there was a recap of fights from the past few seasons, which we had to watch.

Starting next Tuesday is the first of a THREE part reunion for the latest season of BGC.

The preview is all fighting. Like non-stop fighting. It’s incredible.

The other show…


“You act like a dummy, you get treated like a dummy – dummy.” – Natalie Clarice, wonderful human being.

This show is redefining my thoughts on the Oxygen Network.

Although, BGC is amazing – it’s really just crazy bitches fighting each other. It’s not clever. It’s kind of the same thing over and over again, but it’s the best. I would watch an hour long video of people slipping and falling on ice. It’s physical comedy. But there’s just something about people who act stupid getting called on being stupid that is that much funnier and that’s where Find Me My Man comes in.

Find Me My Man has only had a few episodes so far and it’s hysterical. It also makes the people of Miami look even crazier than you would generally think.

Anyway, if you’re feeling like you’ve got nothing new to watch then watch these shows on Tuesday or OnDemand.

Well done, Oxygen.


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