Simple, Specific, and Crazy – That’s How I Like My Youtube

May 9, 2013

Hello, all.

I saw this video posted and it’s all of the above and hilarious.

I’m not a Trekkie. I’ve probably never sat through a single episode of Star Trek from start to finish. I’ve watched most of the movies because I just love watching movies. I can appreciate why people watched Star Trek, but it’s got way too many episodes and it’s almost too much of pop-culture already for me to ever expect I’ll sit down and actually watch the series or any of its variations.

Nevertheless… I do understand and you will too the genius of this video.

It’s a supercut of how Riker sits down… and it’s FUCKING MESMERIZING!

It’s like he’s straddling a mini-horse…

It’s like each chair has it’s own force field, which he must hop over to then sit down…

It’s like he’s the Big Show stepping over the top rope to get into the ring…

It’s like a reverse A.C. Slater…

It’s magnificent.


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