Simple, Specific, and Crazy – That’s How I Like My Podcasts

May 24, 2013

Good Friday, Jesuses and Mary Magdalenas…

First and foremost, I hope you have an amazing Memorial Day Weekend.

Honestly, you could spend the whole fucking weekend sleeping or sleeping around or whatever, as long as you enjoy it. ENJOY IT. You don’t need to eat 35 hot dogs and drink a keg Schlitz – although, if that’s what you want to do then do it. DRINK A KEG OF SCHLITZ!

Anyway, I hope you have a fun weekend. And that’s not even just for Americans. This is what I’m saying, since America is the Overlord – when we have a 3 day weekend then you should have one too. Either way, have a great weekend.



I know you’ve heard of them. I know you’re wondering why on Earth they’re called “podcasts” and I’m hear to tell you… I’ve got no fucking clue why they’re called podcasts.

Internet radio has been around since the 90’s when we used to type in stream names into a WinAmp pop-up window. But, instead of listening to these things live – the internet flipped the script and thought it was better for you to download and listen to these internet radio hours or half hours or 4 hours whenever you felt like at your leisure and thus PODCASTS were born or renamed or whatever.

There are plenty of podcasts out there from informative to absolute nonsense, but if you want something funny – you know comedy, right? – then there’s one place to go.


I’ve been an off and on ardent supporter of one podcast – COMEDY BANG BANG.

It’s one of the most popular podcasts and it used to be called Comedy Death Ray and blah blah blah. It’s a great show. It’s hosted by a guy and he has other people on who you may have heard of and there other other people on who play characters and then they all improv and joke around and laugh. It’s fun time. There are over 200 episodes, it’s been on for 4 years, and it has weekly episodes on Monday.


We’re here to talk about a different podcast a sister podcast or of some relation, maybe kissing cousin… I’m talking about…


Click on those huge letters and it will take you to this… … or just click that.

The show is about watching a terrible movie and then discussing how fucking ridiculous it was.

The show’s trio is Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas.

Paul you may know from ‘Human Giant’ or ‘The League’.

June you may know from ‘Burning Love’ specifically from being the bachelorette in season 2.

Jason you may know from ‘The League’ or he was on one episode of ‘Modern Family’ as a creepy guy who was going after Haley and Haley was pretending to be into him to piss off her parents.

They also will have a guest on the show who will be another comedian like Doug Benson or Patton Oswalt or Jessica St. Clair (who is hilarious on Comedy Bang Bang) or someone else.

They’ve had like 40 episodes or so and it’s on every other week. You can either check out their stuff on the website as mentioned or on Itunes and search in the store for How Did This Get Made? because that’s how you fucking use Itunes. It’s been around for years. You should know how to use it.

Back on topic, SPECIFICALLY, I think you will enjoy their episodes covering Breaking Dawn part I and part II. They’re hilarious. Whether you’ve seen the movies or not. And I haven’t and probably never will.

Probably the funniest part was during their Breaking Dawn part II podcast when they discussed the scene where Jacob tells Bella’s dad about being a werewolf. Not so much tells him, but shows him. And how the scene is more or less Bella’s dad being confronted by Jacob – a boy his daughter’s age who he has known for years – and is told he has no idea what is going on in this world and then Jacob just starts stripping his clothes off. I was dying laughing. He then turns into a werewolf after he takes his pants for no reason whatsoever.

My favorite podcast of theirs I’ve listened to so far was the one on the video game adaptation  “Street Fighter”. It is nonsensical how funny that podcast is. One of the funniest things by far is June asking every once in awhile, ‘But what is a ‘street fighter’?’ and Jason just fucking losing it laughing. That episode should be bronzed and sold to the Smithsonian. Not donated, but sold.

So, that show will bring you joy like you’ve only read about in books and I hope you take that with you for the rest of your life and especially into this weekend.

Go see ‘Fast & Furious 6’ to support both The Rock and Gina Carano’s acting careers. Listen to the podcast about ‘Fast 5’ with Adam Scott. And get wet, I guess.

I love you.

Have a great weekend.

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