GAME OF THRONES’ “RED WEDDING” – I’d Laugh, But I’m Already Crying

June 3, 2013


I have a confession to make- I’ve been waiting with baited breath for the “Red Wedding”.

I’ve been so eager to see said momentous moment in the show because I could not wait to see the internet FREAK THE FUCK OUT.

And the internet did not disappoint.




For anyone who has read the books the “RED WEDDING” is a very memorable moment. I would say it is easily top 5 probably top 3 moments in the book. It’s violent, it’s sadistic, it’s dishonest, and it’s many of those other bad things that just makes you feel sad and want to eat ice cream and cry like your Bridget Jones or something girly.


At the same time, it was something that I read and immediately thought – “Holy fuck, this is going to make people who didn’t read the books go BANANAS when it happens on the show!”

I started reading the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series about 4 episodes into “Game of Thrones”. I had heard of the books, but was never interested in reading them all that much. There are a lot of nerdy books people recommend you or me and I haven’t enjoyed them. Like Dune. I couldn’t make it 100 pages into “Dune” without giving up – each and every 3 times I tried reading it. But when “Game of Thrones” started, I really enjoyed the first few episodes so much that I picked up the books as well as tons of other people.

From there, I blew through the books and have never suggested to anyone else to read them because they’re long, not much happens, they’re very repetitive, not the best writing, and they can make you very angry. Angry not just because of things like the “Red Wedding” but angry that this motherfucker George R.R. Martin is spending his days writing a fucking coffee table book with a fanfic person instead of writing books 6 and 7, which are supposedly the ending of these books. An “ending” which has no possible way to be satisfying. I mean unless he really really really really really really really really picks up the pace with what the fuck is happening in these books. 5 enormous books in and we’re almost no closer to a conclusion than they were when they started.

NEVERTHELESS!!!!! I did enjoy them. And I do enjoy the show.


At the end of the first season of “Game of Thrones”, Ned Stark (Sean Bean/the main character of the show) has his head cutoff in a public execution in front of everyone to see including two of his daughters.

People on the internet who had not read the books, were surprised and not pleased…

… to say the least.

So, if people were that angry about a guy they only knew about for 9 episodes before he got his head chopped off…

… I had to wonder how people would react if they saw the first born son of that same guy and have known for nearly 3 seasons of the TV show would suddenly be betrayed at the wedding of his uncle where this guy would get shot with arrows, watch his pregnant wife get stabbed to death in the belly, most of his men slaughtered in front of him, his own neck slit, his mother’s neck slit, and his loyal direwolf shot to death by arrows.

AND… let’s just say again… the internet did not disappoint-





I’m sorry.

I seem heartless. I know.

So, I didn’t tear up or anything last night, but I did when I read it in the book.

First, I’m not sure what they’ll show as far as the aftermath of the “Red Wedding”, but let’s just say that the Freys and Boltons do not dispose of Robb Stark’s body in any pleasant way. It’s actually even more disturbing what they do with the dead body. And, that definitely made me sick to my stomach and tear up when I read it.

I can specifically think of 3 times when this show has made me tear up and they all have to do with the direwolves:

1. When Ned kills Sansa’s direwolf Lady.

That was sad. I hadn’t read to that part in the book before I saw it on the show and I cried a little both times. Later on, I tried to get Danielle to watch the show and we got up to that episode and that seen and she was crying and I was tearing up again. It got me in the text and it got me with the show.

2. You think Ghost is dead.

There’s a part in the book, which I’m pretty sure we’re far past now in the show, but you think Ghost dies. Ghost is Jon Snow’s direwolf. I think the show just skipped that whole storyline. It was a small part of the book in some sense because Ghost does make a triumphant return, but it’s sad. It made me tear up some, but I never thought he was truly dead, but it made me said thinking that Ghost was hurt.

3. Red Wedding

I was definitely sad to see Robb Stark die, but the killing of his direwolf Grey Wind was what actually made me tear up. I didn’t tear up watching it on the show last night, but when I read it I did. Also, like I said, there’s an aftermath of the Red Wedding in the books where they desecrate the bodies and that made me really sad. Really sad. More sad than them killing them almost.

I would imagine people who have read the books have kept their mouths shut not to spoil the Red Wedding for fans of the show who haven’t read the books. I know I didn’t want to spoil what happens because it’s some shocking shit.

It’s really shocking in the book and at the same time while reading the book I think you should fully expect that Robb is going to die. You never read from Robb’s perspective in the books, so that must mean something. He did last almost 3 books, so that’s something, but it feels like characters who you don’t read from their perspectives are living on borrowed time. Some that characters who you read from their perspectives are living on borrowed time too, but you get the point.

So, it’s shocking in the book. And, I would imagine it is WAY more shocking to people who didn’t read the books because Robb Stark is treated as a main character and you are definitely seeing story unfold from his perspective.

I don’t want to spoil anything for people for next episode… BUT… even if you are severely disheartened by what transpired on Sunday night… stick around for this last episode and it might change your mind. Just one more episode and then make your decision on quitting the show or not. I think you’ll be uber conflicted about quitting the show after you want this season’s finale.

What I have before said and will say again about George R.R. Martin’s writing, he closes strong.

You may have to put up with 700 pages of boiled leather, rashers of bacon, and people singing about “The Bear and the Fair Maiden”… but the final act in each book is usually worth the effort and keeps you ready for another 700 pages of people dragging their feet.

Outside of the brutal murder(s) on #GoT…

I got drunk at a barbecue. I watched a hairy golden retriever for a night. And, I finished the 4th season of “Arrested Development”.

I hope you had a great weekend. What did you do?!


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