This Scheduled Friday Post Has Been Put On Hold Because Of FOOD COMA

June 7, 2013

Hello, lovers and lovettes!

It is absolutely pouring outside. It has been raining for like 15 hours at this point and it doesn’t appear like it is going to ever end ever.

To counteract the depression outside, I did some old fashioned baking inside!

Look at how fucking good those bad bears look!

They’re so hot and cinnamony that the icing is just melting all over them and pouring into the corners of the pan for you aka me to later sop up with the cinnamon bun.

And when I say I made them the old fashion way, I mean I opened that cardboard tube and threw them into the oven. Because that is what old fashion is now. The new fashion is ACTUALLY MAKING THEM. Uhhhh… when did everything become a pet project and fucking health conscious. I just want some fucking cinny bunnies and not have to go through the effort of growing cinnamon stalks and tapping the sap from the icing tree. Just quick, easy, and I’m a good 5 pounds fatter kind of stuff is what I’m looking for.


I’m barely functioning at this point. My brain is going into shut down mode. My eyes cannot stay open. And, I think I better lay down before I fall down.

With that being said…

The Internship is probably fucking terrible. The director behind it is Shawn Levy and he directed Real Steel, so you probably shouldn’t see that movie.

This is the End is probably decent to good.

And The Purge is a solid 80 minutes of crap I’m guessing.

I will say before I fall asleep sitting straight up…

This coming MONDAY, there should be a fun announcement made on this very website. So stick around for that.

I hope you have an excellent weekend.

Get sleazy.


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