Videogames Look Amazing; Can’t Wait To See The Sex Scenes

June 12, 2013


This is a trailer for a videogame on Playstation 4 that is coming out this “Holiday” season.

It looks fucking retarded amazing… graphically speaking. The game looks pretty similar to its two predecessors. But the graphics are unbelievable and this game isn’t anywhere near as good looking as some of the other games that have released trailers this week.

This week is E3, which is the big yearly videogame conference where people basically masturbate to new games and how good they look.

As videogames have matured, there have been a lot more storylines, a lot more acting, and pretty much most videogames nowadays are more intricate and as well acted as most network television. And there are plenty of games with romantic storylines and some games like “Mass Effect” which have sex scenes.

Better graphics, better sex scenes. AM I RIGHT?! HAPPY HUMP DAY TO EVERYONE!

As of right now, the best sex scenes I’ve seen in a game were probably the ones in “Mass Effect 3”, but we’re really only seeing the tip of the iceberg if you know what I mean as far as how good these sex scenes could get. Right now, the sex scenes are about as sexy as any sexual instruction video you may or may not have seen in sex ed.

One day though… “WILD THINGS”. Like full on crazy ass sex scenes in the middle of videogames. That wouldn’t be weird at all, right?



I couldn’t give any less of a fuck about Ed Snowden’s ballerina ex-girlfriend.


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