Could This Be The ONE GOOD MOVIE This Year?

July 31, 2013


This will probably be the only Oscar good narrative movie coming out this year.

Or really “Oscar good” in my mind.

Right now, the best movie of the year is “This is the End”. I’ve been reading some amazing reviews for “The World’s End” and I’m really looking forward to that. I’m also really looking forward to “Elysium”, but not expecting anything more than hopefully a solid action movie. The Sandra Bullock/George Clooney space movie “Gravity” looks like that could be incredible or a really odd miss. I have faith in the director Alfonso Cuaron, but people let you down all the time – looking at you Nicolas Refn with “Only God Forgives”. There are some other possible movies like Spike Jonze’s “Her” that could/should be great… but this all brings us back to “Oscar good”.

What are the “Oscar good” movies of this year? So far, there are none. Usually, they come out in the Winter like the above remake of THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY. There is the “12 Years a Slave” from Steve McQueen (the talented black guy who is a director, and not the dead white guy who was a drunk and former action star), which looks sad and promising and Oscar-bait-y.

But I digress…

“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” looks great.

The trailer is magnificent and engaging and breathtaking as well as pretty hilarious for something with very few words spoken. Specifically, two shots:



Those two moments are fucking phenomenal and pleasantly have haunted my dreams since first seeing this trailer when I saw “The Way Way Back”, which was a garbage movie. If you’ve seen that movie, answer me this, riddle me this, answer me this… is there a likable character in this movie? Follow-up, who is the likable character in this movie? And, I’m 1,000,000% guessing you’re going to say Sam Rockwell’s character and EEEEEEHHHHHH!!!! incorrect. Sam Rockwell is likable; Sam Rockwell’s character is not. Sam Rockwell’s character is a loser idiot boy who has ruined Maya Rudolph’s character’s even sadder life. Anyway…

Ben Stiller directed this “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” remake and I have 1,000,000% confidence it will be great because of that. Ben Stiller has directed 4 feature films prior to this and they are…





The first helped define a generation’s zeitgeist, the second is motherfucking hilarious, the third is motherfucking hilarious, the fourth is motherfucking hilarious. If you disagree, then you need to get brain surgery to get your synapses working correctly until you read that last sentence and agree because that is a factual sentence.

Anyway… watch, enjoy, get your hopes up, and let Mr. Stiller wow you come Christmas.


One Response to “Could This Be The ONE GOOD MOVIE This Year?”

  1. PWG said

    Saw this trailer last night and then I made everyone else who happened to be in the house watch it. Looks fantastic, and I love that short story. And the cartoon based on it with that little Ralphie kid in school whose chalkboard 4 turns into a sword. Good luck finding them on the web, I couldn’t:

    But this is the best video I saw today:
    Crazy Lady Steals Rhubarb

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