September 11, 2013


Just read this article…


That’s what I’m reading.

It’s like we’re reading it together!

I knew a lot of this stuff, but not all of it.

For as much football as someone could watch, they rarely mention the owners than just to mention them. They almost never talk about the person who is the billionaire that owns the team and how random it is that they own said team.


HUMP DAY. #NeverForget


One Response to “Uhhhhhh….”

  1. tiffanized said

    I like the owners who built up their own wealth. Less impressed by people who inherited it all, but it’s not like it’s their fault they were born rich.

    The Packers being publicly owned is a thing I already knew but am now reimpressed by. I am going to buy a piece of that as soon as I’m (a) sober and (b) not broke. This will never happen.

    Jerry Jones hand just seconds from cupping Emmitt Smith’s ass is now my iPhone background. #NeverForget

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