“Breaking Bad” Spinoff To Cure Our Depression!

September 12, 2013


It’s been rumored for a bit and today it was announced that Bob Odenkirk’s phenomenal character Saul Goodman of “Breaking Bad” will get his own hour-long spinoff show called “Better Call Saul” on AMC.

The show will be a prequel to his time with Walter and Jesse and Skylar and so forth.

It’s great to see that an idea that does have some really hilarious possibilities is actually being produced, but – more so – it’s great to see an incredibly talent like Bob Odenkirk getting what he’s obviously worked his ass off for.

Right now, Odenkirk and, the other half of HBO’s “Mr. Show with Bob and David”, David Cross are on tour getting people to yuck it up in person.

That’s cool.

The tour is also promoting a book. A book that is two screenplays that Bob and David wrote after Mr. Show went off the air and those scripts got big fat NOs from Hollywood. Now, you can read them and imagine what could have been.

That’s cool.

Did I mention the sketch comedy show that Bob Odenkirk has on IFC? Oh wait, I forgot about that. It’s called “The Birthday Boys” and I’m assuming it is hilarious.

That’s cool.

So, Odenkirk is kind of killing it nowadays.

He’s a comedian who has produced some of the funniest material ever as well as been part of the evolution of several other comedians who we might not have ever known about if it wasn’t for him.

Like, Tim and Eric. For fans of theirs, you already know who I’m talking about, but Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are two hilarious human beings who most know from their numerous shows on Adult Swim.

Well, Tim and Eric are funny guys and creative guys on their own, but the original show “Tom Goes to the Mayor” was shopped around by those two gentlemen for a while and the only person who genuinely responded and then went forth to use his connections to get them the meetings to then impress them themselves was because of Mr. Odenkirk. He got their DVD in the mail and loved it and helped them set up meetings with Comedy Central, MTV, Adult Swim to name a few.

That’s cool.

Also, if we’re going into the way back machine, a lot of the sketches that people remember Chris Farley for on “Saturday Night Live” were sketches that Bob wrote years earlier and used to perform himself at Second City in Chicago. When Odenkirk saw Farley perform, he knew that Farley could pull off characters like Matt Foley – the man who lives in a van down by the river.

That’s cool.


Well, as I was writing this an enormous thunder storm just enveloped the area and there’s been a few explosion type noises outside and the power went out for a bit and there are cops in the street and sparks in the flooded waters and there are sirens and we’re supposed to stay inside. The power is on, but something is happening up the street that I cannot see and the cops are telling us to stay inside – not like I’m dying to go outside. Nevertheless, I’m going to sign off for today and just say that you should spend the rest of your day looking up Bob Odenkirk clips on youtube.




One Response to ““Breaking Bad” Spinoff To Cure Our Depression!”

  1. Kim said

    This is great news! I would definitely call Saul if I were every in need — he’s a shark you’d want in your corner!

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