I’m Guessing This Is The Best The Internet Is Getting Today

September 26, 2013

What. Up. All.

I was going to preview October’s movies today, but I saw two videos this morning that are absolutely hilarious and I really don’t have anything else to add besides you should watch both.

The first is the fucking masterpiece…

Honestly, I’d listen to this song without the funny context.

That right there was better musically and visually than half to 90% of the movies I’ve seen or heard about in the past year or so.

And then there’s this…

If you didn’t have a crush on JGL already, I’m sure you do now. And if you already had a crush on him, then you probably wet yourself, the chair your sitting on, and possibly ruined the carpeting all below that.

JGL’s “Don Jon” is coming out on Friday. I’m really getting psyched for that movie some reason.

And, Stephen Merchant has a new TV show starting on HBO on Sunday called “Hello Ladies”, which will be amazing I’m guessing.

I’ll preview the crap October movies tomorrow.


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