YES or NO?! Would a PRO GAY t-shirt get you STRAIGHT LAID?

October 3, 2013


Today is serious question Thursday. It’s a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question and I would really fucking love feedback. All it is, is a YES or a NO, so answer the question. It’s just a simple question. You can elaborate on your answer if you feel like. It’s America or at least the internet is American, so feel free to be free, but I want a fucking answer.

I was on and they have a variety of t-shirts one can purchase that have pro gay slogans or quips about marriage equality. Some say “legalize love” and others say “some dudes marry dudes. get over it.” which is actually my favorite of the shirts. BUT! There is one little issue I suppose with that t-shirt if your a straight man looking to get laid by a woman and that’s the t-shirt could be implying you are gay, which is really only an issue in this given circumstance.

But there is this t-shirt… and this t-shirt… in my opinion… will get you laid…


I think if you’re a hetero dude and you’re looking for some liberal minded puss then this shirt is the fucking panty-dropper 2.0.

Hear me out!

1. It’s a vibrant blue, so it will help you peacock a bit.

2. The shirt fucking points the fuck out that you’re straight and we all know that straight dudes like to fuck. Am I right? AM I RIGHT?!

3. Obviously, it points out that while you do like to sex ladies, you’re a friend and a spoken warrior for the gay cause, which is a cause that bitches just love championing … championing even more than their own women’s quality causes. Another post for another day.

4. I’m suggesting this will help with women who are pro-gay, but I’m sure there are some anti-gay idiot chicks who would find this shirt hilarious and who doesn’t love having pre-marital sex with the guy in the funny t-shirt? Am I right? AM I LEFT?!

That’s my thought process.


Honestly, I think this is how the gay world can make straight guys care for the cause if they don’t already or make them really care for the cause is to emphasize the idea that liberal chicks will be liberal with their wait until the 3rd date to have sex policy. You know?!

Go to a gay 5K, do a good job and, possibly, get a hand job… from one of the chicks who cries when she sees a Buzzfeed article with pictures of gays getting married.

IT’S THAT SIMPLE! Seriously, if you up that to a blow job then you’ll have every college guy, high school guy, and really whatever guy who isn’t tied down to something at the next gay rally ready to fucking raise money or shout something or make posters with glitter on it – whatever you need. They’re always ready to work for those blowjobs!

That’s my thoughts.

Yay or nay? Guy in a bar, guy at a party… is he getting laid because of this t-shirt?


3 Responses to “YES or NO?! Would a PRO GAY t-shirt get you STRAIGHT LAID?”

  1. Yay.

    (This post could use one of those poll thingies…)

  2. tiffanized said

    I’m not having sex with other people right now, but if I were, the answer would be probably. There would have to be some sort of matrix here where looks and personality factor in. But if I were on the fence about sex with a guy, and was fairly certain he wasn’t wearing it just to get laid, this shirt could be the deciding factor in me going for his D.

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