W-H-A-D-D-U-P … I’m still here

October 15, 2013

Hello, all?

I’m not ignoring you, just been very busy.

So, Danielle and I are trying to buy a house. That’s fun, right? Isn’t it fun trying to track down an attorney that your paying to tell you things? Isn’t it fun trying to get them to tell you what the hell you’re supposed to be doing? Isn’t it fun signing random shit and printing out banking info? Isn’t it super cool to have a house inspector tell you everything little thing that is wrong with your house or how you need to stay on top of it like it is a klutzy child who could burst into flames at any moment if you don’t fix everything the second they happen? Isn’t it fun?! FUNNN!NN!N!N!N!N!!!!

Outside of that…

Danielle and I went to Washington D.C. over the weekend for the wedding of two people Danielle has known for years and I knew for about 12 hours before they got married. Nevertheless, I still teared up some when they were exchanging their vows. I’m a big softy.

The Steelers beat the Jets which was the greatest and I didn’t watch it or listen to it, but I was updated on the happenings via staring at my NFL app on my iphone. Which subsequently gave me a terrible headache while we were driving back from DC.

Nevertheless, FUCK the JETS.

Didn’t watch Sunday’s Homeland yet, but that show is stupid and I’m sure was terrible.

Speaking of stupid and terrible, The Walking Dead is a chore to watch. It’s not a good sign when you’re actively rooting for a commercial break to appear just to end the shitty scene you’re watching. Seriously, zombies raining through the rooftop? That was fucking stupid. As well as another wasted episode with Rick. As for the zombie attack, besides the stupidness of it, why do they all panic and run in opposite directions? What’s the point in arming themselves with all these weapons or showing up in groups if soon as when zombies show up they all just freak the fuck out and do absolutely the dumbest shit ever.

If there are 6 of you and a zombie shows up and you have weapons – FUCKING KILL IT.

If there are 6 of you and two zombies show up and you have weapons – FUCKING KILL THEM.

If there are 6 of you and there are more than 6 zombies that show up and they all teleport on top of you then you’re probably fucked, but anything besides that then you should be fine.

There was such insane amounts of idiocy in that one scene alone with the zombies in the liquor store. Why were the wine bottles or whatever they were so flimsy? And the book shelf holding them all so flimsy as well? BUT at the same time, they show Darrell standing on top of a case of beer bottles. That’s not going to work. I couldn’t stand on top of a case of Yuengling unless I had supreme balance like those guys who balance themselves on a bed of nails. Are we saying Darrell’s got that? I guess so. But wine bottles are made of sugar glass or whatever.

I hate that show.

Eastbound & Down is the greatest TV show.

Football is actually the best TV show. I thoroughly enjoy watching football. I don’t even care who is playing.

I really haven’t been looking around on what’s topical online. I haven’t been on Buzzfeed to be told what’s the top 24 of whatever yet.


Something fun?

Something funner than buying a house?



One Response to “W-H-A-D-D-U-P … I’m still here”

  1. tiffanized said

    I’m sick and I hate everything. People are avoiding me at this point, mostly because I’m being an a-hole and not because my face is a cesspool of snot and germs.

    I will never buy another house. I plan to just stay in this one until I die and rot straight into the floorboards. That should make for an interesting inspection report, unless old lady carcasses are a selling point in the future housing market.

    I am not watching football (see: me hating everything). Also I had some drama in my fantasy league involving some trading fuckery and me being stood up on some football watching and now I’m just turned off to the whole thing (see: I’m an a-hole).

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