Videos, Videos, Funny Videos, and What I’m Being For HALLOWEEN

October 24, 2013

Whaddup, lovers and loverettes!

I am busy typing my eyes into retinal failure as I’m writing 4 top 20 lists for the UFC’s 20th anniversary on November 16th at UFC 167. The articles though are due tomorrow and they’re not short lists to begin with and each entry on the list requires a 200+ word explanation, so carry the one and carry the two and you’ve got 16,000+ words that need to be written. ARGH!


Here’s a funny video.

It’s Triumph the insult comic dog pooping all over the drunk people at the Great American Beer festival in Denver.

Also there’s this…

It’s from Pete Holmes who did the Batman/Superman sketch I posted earlier this week or last week or whenever. Both are hilarious. I know I’m a nerd because I think this sketch is fucking genius and I hope Holmes makes a billion more of them.


What will I be dressed as for Halloween at the Halloween party I’m attending Friday night…







Whatever. I’m nerd. He’s amazing.


One Response to “Videos, Videos, Funny Videos, and What I’m Being For HALLOWEEN”

  1. tiffanized said

    I’ve never heard of Axe Cop. It sounds like a body spray that smells like shoe polish and a power complex. We want pics of course, especially if you’re carrying a narwhal baby.

    I’m going as Tina from Bob’s Burgers. I’ll probably have to explain it to people at work all day. I’m trying to get my kid to go as Louise so I don’t feel like an asshole.

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