Happy Veterans Day!

November 11, 2013

Hello, veterans!

I’d just like to wish all the veterans out there a happy day and to say you’re all like this…

Like Chuck Fucking Norris.

Like the Chuck Fucking Norris that the internet and movies invented and not the actual Chuck Norris because he’s kind of a weirdo who believes Texas should secede and become its own country which is hilariously stupid and proves what an uncontrollable idiot and non-patriot the real Chuck Norris is nevertheless the plan would immediately backfire for a billion reasons that the first being if Texas became its own country completely free of the US of A that Mexico would immediately take over Texas AND then the US would have to fight Mexico to get Texas back and thus making Texas a state again.

Anyway… veterans are like the movie Chuck Fucking Norris from “Missing in Action” where he’s an unforgivable badass winning wars all by his lonesome.

Happy Veterans Day!


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