I’m busy, I’m sorry, I love you

January 31, 2014


I haven’t posted the past couple days and I will be quiet for the next couple weeks because I’m working on a project for the UFC that is taking up most of my time and will take up much more of it in the as mentioned next couple of weeks.

So, I’ll be laying low staring at this computer screen typing about fights and not jokes or boob thoughts for you all. I still love boobs just as much if not more than before meaning Tuesday, but I will not be as frequent with mentioning them to you for the next couple weeks.

There is this thing called the SUPERBOWL coming up this weekend and…

I’m rooting for…




And, yes, I am a fan of Peyton Manning.

I’m not like the idiots – yes! the IDIOTS! – out there who think that Peyton Manning needs to win this Superbowl to prove anything to anyone. Honestly, Peyton could’ve retired with that neck injury and never played a snap for the Broncos and still been one of the two greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game if not THE best.

Now, what he’s done on the Broncos has only further proven what HAS ALREADY BEEN PROVEN. Peyton isn’t adding to his case because the case was closed. He’s playing for himself and legacies were already set in stone to begin with because his career with the Colts already earned him the right – if you wanted to say it – to be called the greatest at his position ever. EVER!

People who think that Tom Brady or Joe Montana are better than Peyton Manning can still say that whether or not Peyton wins this Superbowl. Their rationale has and will be following Peyton winning or not winning the game that Tom and Joe have more Superbowl rings than Peyton. Guess what?! They’ll still have more Superbowl rings than Peyton! Tom has 3 and Joe 4, so Peyton would still need to win another Superbowl on top of this Superbowl to be tied with Tom let alone need another Superbowl to tie with Joe.

I guess if you’re rooting to see Peyton Manning win the next 2 or 3 Superbowls then have fun, but, honestly, I’m more interested in seeing the Seattle Seahawks win.

By the way, I do think Peyton Manning is the best quarterback of all-time… he has the stats, he has the ring, he’s brought two different teams to the Superbowl, he came back from a horrific injury, so… I don’t need to see more. He’s been a pleasure to watch over these years and I’ll be sad when he’s retired, but I’m still rooting for the Seahawks.

I picked the Seahawks at the beginning of the year to go to the Superbowl and more so I picked them because I wanted to see them in the Superbowl.

They’re easily one of the most exciting teams to watch in any sport and they play a brand of football that I love – DEFENSE! They’re some scary motherfuckers on that defense. That defense doesn’t give a fuck about their offense. Their defense is looking to win the game all by themselves. Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Bruce Irvin, and so on don’t give a fuck if Marshawn Lynch runs 1 yard or Russell Wilson throws for -50 yards. That defense will make the interceptions happen, the fumbles happen, and the whatever happen for them to score the points to win the game.

And I love that.

Richard Sherman isn’t out there hoping to stop Peyton Manning. He wants to stop him, humiliate him, and catch an interception off of him and take it back to the house and score 6 points on him and then that’s the end of the fucking game! Seattle 6 and Denver 0. And I fucking love that.

Also, Russell Wilson is an incredible player and character in this league and Marshawn Lynch does literally go into BEAST MODE when needed. I’d love to see them rewarded for their efforts.

Obviously, same goes for their coach Pete Carroll who I was a fan of at USC and was really excited to see what he could do with Seattle when he got the chance and he’s steadily built one of the best teams, maybe the best, in the league and it’s really a great success story.

And back to Russell Wilson, but FUCK YES I want to see Russell Wilson win a Superbowl this Sunday partly because he’s black. HE’S BLACK! Yep. And it’s not a major reason, but it is a reason. I love running quarterbacks and I love the energy and never quit spirit such a young and confident player brings and I would really love to see what type of player he develops into with a ring on his finger… and YES … he’s fucking black.

There’s only been ONE black quarterback to win a Superbowl – Doug Williams. And, it’s about time we have a fucking second one.



And, if you can stop staring at those True Detective gifs for a minute, Alexandra has really cool eyes.

And and, if we’re not talking about her superficially, Alexandra was quite good in the third episode of True Detective when she was clothed and not casting a great hypnosis spell with her nudity in episode 2.

I really like that show. Only a few episodes left. Sad face.

I love you. Have a great weekend.

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