April 9, 2014





I chose this picture because Kristen Stewart wants IT in this picture as well as her boobs look the biggest they’ve ever looked in their history of usually looking pretty small.

Kristen Stewart’s want turns 24 today.

I saw articles all over Google about her and her ex-boyfrand having a romantic date, but those articles surfaced a good month ago, so I have no idea what’s going on. Not like I care either. I mean if you want to spend your birthday with your ex-boyfriend go right ahead. If I was in Kristen Stewart’s shoes, I’d probably think of something a lot more elaborate than that. Like getting Naughty by Nature to play a concert in my living room. SPENDING THAT TWILIGHT MONEY RIGHT!

I saw K-Stew dyed her hair orange for some movie that I’m sure I’ll regret seeing if I do ever see it. She’s in that movie with Nicholas Hoult, right? He looks like he had his “About a Boy” aged head ripped off his body and stuffed on top of some random 20 year old’s body. It’s the same frickin’ face. You’re fucking this kid’s baby face! IT’S CREEPY! And, that was more directed at Jennifer Lawrence.


There is sad news today…

This beautiful human being died yesterday.

Sadly, the Ultimate Warrior passed at 54 years old and, strangely enough, a mere couple days after he was inducted into the WWE’s Hall of Fame on Saturday. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame, appeared on Monday Night Raw, and died walking to his car with his wife on Tuesday.

The Ultimate Warrior is one of those pro wrestlers who really helped define what’s so magical about pro wrestling that whether you watched every PPV or never watched at all… you knew who the Ultimate Warrior was. He was a maniac in neon colors, but it was all positive. He wasn’t a villain, even when he challenged Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania VI. It was good vs. good in a battle for supremacy.

The Ultimate Warrior was a rebel spirit. A vibrant liberal streak in a conservative world. The Ultimate Warrior was the living embodiment that the fastest way between two points is a straight line whether that means you need to run head first through some things to get there or not. He was an outlaw. A one man army whose allegiance was only to the fans. He was unpredictable and whose flame burned hotter, but faster than most.

If you could only know one thing that summed up the Ultimate Warrior…

He ran to the ring.

He ran to the ring because he wanted to be in there and wresting as fast as his body could carry him.

Rest in peace, the Ultimate Warrior.

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