To address this past weekend in one word: “sucked”. The USA team lost to Ghana in the World Cup and Fedor Emelianenko tapped to a submission for the first time ever in the history of the existence of life itself. So, both of those things sucked. The rest of the weekend activities were fine. Drinking with friends, laughing it up, listening to some tunes and a nice 4 hour workout trying to go Super Saiyan. I think I’m getting closer. Maybe just another month or two of practice. Either way, Fall 2010 will be the Autumn of SSJ Kayswidge-Jizzle.

Also, I’m not one of those soccer fans who will stop watching the World Cup because my team is out of it. Right now, I’m watching the Netherlands play Slovakia. These opening knockout round games have been wild and their pace has increased 10 fold. That makes for some extra entertaining soccer; although I am crying on the inside. Oh great clown Pagliacci!

Moving on. Moving forward. Touching on sweaty bodies, right? Sweat baby sweat.  Or just more text about different topics.

I have arrived late to two trains and I am perfectly fine admitting to it: La Roux and Avatar: The Last Airbender. But now I am on those trains.

La Roux

I listen to pop music. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I could go on and justify listening to pop music because I listen to so much other great and diverse music, but that’s more pretentious than helpful. I will say this about most pop music: it is ice cream. It is sugary sweet and is fun to eat, but you can’t live on it. If that is all you eat – your teeth will rot from cavities, you’ll balloon to Jabba the Hut proportions, lose any muscle integrity and I would imagine your brain would turn to a thin soup. You need to eat a steak, some grilled chicken, a few potatoes, and so forth. You can’t only listen to pop music… or you will DIE! But ice cream is fine every once and awhile.

Similar to how I “found” Temper Trap, I had been hearing the song “Bulletproof” for months now on the radio. They play the song fairly frequently and I really enjoy the hell out of the song. 92.3 NOW (the pop FM station) does a terrible job telling you what you’re listening to, so I’ve never known who sings the song. I was driving around Friday, “Bulletproof” came on, and I make a mental note of it. I got home and looked it up. Ahhhh La Roux, how are you?


For the next twenty minutes, I sat and watched all of her music videos. The videos themselves are pretty terrible, but the songs were all quite good. It was crystal clear for everyone involved (me, me and me) that I needed to obtain this pop Excalibur album. And it is goooood.

“Bulletproof” is the best song on the album, but the rest of the album is really great. “Colourless Colour” has a great dancy breakdown… actually let me stop myself here. I was about to type out other songs I like off the album and it was pretty much going to be every song from track #3 onward. I’m not a big fan of the first two songs, but they’re decent enough. I will mention how much I like “I’m Not Your Toy”. The chorus is “It’s all false love and affection, you don’t want me, you just like the attention” — oof that just hits to the core, doesn’t it?

Pulling back the curtain for a moment, Dawgz just walked in while I was writing this and we are now listening to La Roux. He is now a fan. The wolfpack grows by one.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

I have been obstinate about watching this TV show for no other reason than I just didn’t feel like getting into it. I watch a lot of anime and cartoons online, but they are usually of the variety that are actually from Japan and are in Japanese and have subtitles. I have gotten so used to watching anime with subtitles and with no sound on that I didn’t want to watch Avatar because it wouldn’t have subtitles and I would have to listen to the dialogue. Ugh what a chore!

A friend of mine is a big big fan of Avatar and has been pushing me to get into the show. We’ve also been talking a lot about how we think the upcoming Avatar movie will be. With the movie set to debut soon, I started watching the damn show yesterday. I watched 12 episodes. So…. I like it. Also, it is a show that will clearly get better when it eventually fully deviates from the children’s show idea. Also, I love that these shows are even pushed as children’s shows because their topics are very adult. Pretty much everyone you meet in Avatar has had their parents murdered in front of them. Hey there, Nickelodeon wait to bum me the motherfuck out.


So needless to say, the show is good. The show is three seasons of 20 episodes. I’m in the first season and the movie is based off of the first season. Episode to episode, the writers do a great job handling their triumvirate of Aang, Sokka, and Katara. They have a really nice rotating window of each character stepping up to the plate and being the hero while the others may doubt and then come to the proper conclusion that the other one was correct and then they help them. It also likes to flex its philosophical muscles by having side characters epitomize different philosophical archetypes.

For instance, Jet. He is pretty much a “Rufio” character. Charming young male leading a band of misfits in the woods against some evil regime. Jet’s character is a believer in the ends justify the means. He plans to flood a town, which is the home of some civilians, but is also the home of the evil regime (the Fire Nation) in this area of the world. Some civilians will die, but it will also destroy the evil army. Do civilians who are apart of the Fire Nation deserve to die because their army has killed innocents in other nations? I see what you are doing there Avatar and I like it.

As for the movie….. well….. I hate M. Night Shyamalan. I hate all of his movies. And he has made a bunch of movies. He isn’t a one trick pony in my category of hate. He has offered up numerous films that I have hated and I keep seeing because I’m curious if he’ll ever turn the corner. He is a famous director and some people really like him or really like some of his movies and I just don’t, but I’m willing to try because I’m just such a fucking great guy like that. Nevertheless, I fucking abhor his creations.

But but but, the trailer for Avatar doesn’t look bad. It actually looks pretty decent. Film trailers are so deceiving though. I’m still expecting it to be bad. I’m just not confident with his choices and how he has his actors act. The cast for this film is quite interesting as well. Some of you reading this love Jackson Rathbone for unfathomable reasons to me, but that’s fine – I don’t need to love him. Anyway, Jackson is in it playing Sokka. They have an actual martial arts kid playing Aang. Although the martial arts may look good, his acting will probably be terrible since he has never acted before. Dev Patel as Prince Zuko is a good choice, but the scar on Patel’s face isn’t anywhere near as graphic as I think it should be.


Lastly, Nicola Peltz is Kitara. I have no clue who she is. I also read a thread on the IMDB messageboard where they said she looks like she should play some character named Toph who shows up in the second season more so than Kitara – I looked up that shit because I’m not at the second season yet and that person couldn’t be any more correct. We’ll have to see how she does with Kitara, but maybe they could CGI her in to play Toph as well because she looks like this Toph person.


Also, I wanted to bring up Nicola Peltz because I can’t stop looking at these two pictures. I think her eyes are actually stealing my soul. Peltz is not a black hole of want like Megan Fox. Nor is she the absolute convex power of want that Kristen Stewart is. But I do believe Nicola Peltz can read minds by staring so deeply into one’s eyes that she can see their thoughts.


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