Unofficially this is part III of you all ruining my Christmas Vacation. Let me wrap up that series of thoughts:

Up in the Air

I really enjoyed the movie. It was great. I am continuing in my part fandom part hatred for the director Jason Reitman. He also directed Thank You For Smoking and Juno. Did I like those movies? Yep. I liked them a lot and have rewatched them both several times. I recommend all three of these movies to people who want to see a solid movie. So why the hate? Because Jason is making those movies and not me. What the fuck, bro!?! Do you know how badly I want to make a delicate scene that is both sad and romantic and have Elliott Smith playing in the background? So badly! So motherfucking badly! Why? Because Elliott Smith’s music is delicate and both sad and romantic. And George Clooney is in the scene too! Come on, dude. It just isn’t fair. I really like Jason’s style and I’m jealous of him. Hopefully, one day in the near future Jason and I will have a battle to the death with medieval swords ala Highlander where one of us can only defeat the other by decapitation and when that is achieved the one that survives is given the other’s powers. There can be only one, Jason! Fingers crossed this is what 2010 has in store for me.

George is great in the movie. Graying on the sides, but still a sex symbol for all ages. And his two female co-stars are great as well. I’m a big fan of Anna Kendrick. I have mentioned how much I like her in Rocket Science on several occasions. She gives a good performance in this as well. And then Vera. Vera who I so wrongly thought was Patricia Arquette for many of the times I watched the trailer. No one ever corrected me when I said it was Patricia Arquette. Probably because no one knew who Vera was and also had no clue who I was talking about because all they could remember was George Cloons. Vera does a great job. Especially, the one tracking shot. I think we all know what I’m talking about … if you’ve seen the movie. There is a tracking shot of Vera from behind as she walks into a hotel bedroom – NEKKID!

Vera is wearing an apron and the rest of her is wearing our heat she must feel from every set of eyes languishing over every inch of her naked body. So I thank you, Vera for that. I thank you, Jason Reitman for that shot. I thank you, God most of all who created man who created film and with that narrative film and with that created a couple in New Jersey who would give birth to Vera and another couple somewhere that gives birth to Jason and led lives to arrive at that moment and the life for Jason was that of bravery and boldness in being able to have the balls to say “I want you fully naked for this shot and an apron” and the life of Vera who kept herself in remarkably great shape especially her ass.

As for the vampires? Vera could’ve been a vampire. The movie wouldn’t have to change much. Instead of her turning out to be what she turns out to be, she could turn out to be a vampire.

Sherlock Holmes

I liked it. It was better than I was expecting. I was not expecting much. I was glad that it was more about the case and so forth than a love story. There was a love story, but not much of one. It is still a lot like Pirates, but less of a love story and a darker over all story.

Vampires? Well Lord Blackwood easily could’ve turned out to be a vampire. I was sitting there in the movie actively trying to guess the outcome of the movie. I had three possible answers:

1. Science. Everything is explained with random ass science.

2. Twin. Lord Blackwood has an identical twin brother.

3. Vampires. Obviously.

New Year’s Eve

I do detest NYE. I hate holidays or time of the year where I’m being pushed to have the craziest night of my year. Also I hate events where people who don’t typically drink decide to get shit face wasted because of the day of the year. Hate might be a strong word. I am thoroughly irritated by it. I need Neosporin rubbed all over my irritations. So what are my plans? Pretty nothing right now. Some friends, maybe NYC, maybe some bar, maybe some random party. Who knows? I feel old that my number one concern is how much it will suck to take the PATH back to Jersey City that night and that it is supposed to be raining/wintry mixing. It’s cold outside! This old man cannot take this cold! It is so cold there is a high probability I am buying a scarf today. A scarf! I don’t own and never have owned a scarf, but it could happen today.

I think about the saying that you spend New Year’s Eve like you spent the previous New Year’s Eve. It doesn’t make any sense because that means you never make any improvements in life. I think the saying is implying if you are single then you stay single so you need to get your ass in gear and during the other 364 you need to find someone to spend this shit holiday with. I think about that saying a lot for whatever reason probably because I am single and have been for awhile.

But outside of being single, my New Year’s Eve rituals have been different – I’ve done the all you can drink open bars, I have done the small party of close friends, I’ve given up on New Year’s Eve and watched the Japanese New Year’s Eve fights that are on pay per view and last year I went to see My Morning Jacket at Madison Square Garden for New Year’s. Apparently, I got shit bomb wasted. Apparently, I figured out how to get around only ordering two drinks at once. Apparently, if you go in the beer line and buy two beers and put them in the interior pockets of your jacket and then get into the mixed drink line for Jack and cokes – no one notices. Apparently, I got so drunk I punched a metal bar and broke part of my hand. Apparently, I ran off the PATH train in a dead sprint through Hoboken screaming “they’re touching me”. Apparently.

Kristen Stewart Wants IT

She does.

I am glad that I made this site. I have had fun writing this and have had the fortune of someone reading it. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing some of these posts like the Charles de Gaulle one, the Hannibal one, second by second Jumper cameo one, KSWI Jordan interviews Kristen Stewart one, and most recently the Kristen Stewart edition posts. I have had a lot of fun talking about really whatever I feel like and finding approval in it from you the readers. Oh you the readers. I do love “you the readers”. If it wasn’t for you the readers this site would not exist because a man needs constant approval. 2009 will be a memorable year for me for a lot of reasons, but nothing will compare to the second half of this year. The first half had some really high moments and some really low moments, but this second half with KSWI beats it by a long shot.

Your comments which I read everyone and wish there were even more. Your emails which I also read and respond to and wish there were more of. The newly minted Facebook group which I check way too often to see if anyone else has joined, thank you to those who have and of course I wish for even more. I’ve really had a fun time getting to know you all in whichever way I have.

Originally, I was expecting this site to devolve into a Twitter account or something similar. I was expecting that you the readers would want pictures more than words. I was expecting I could just keep taking Kristen Stewart pictures and write simply “She wants it” and send that to people via Twitter or post them on the site. It’s been a lot more work this way where I’m forced to write and write, but it’s been fun. So thank you, you the readers for reading this each and every day.

Today is my last post for 2009! Which means! You’ll have to wait until 2010! aka Monday! for a new post…

I hope everyone has had a great holiday season. I hope everyone has a great New Year’s Eve. I hope everyone has a great New Year’s day. I hope everyone has a great New Year. And with that…

This chick, Kristen Stewart, wants IT.

Kristen Stewart’s got a secret. She wants it.

Kristen Stewart still wants it even when hassled by a crazy woman to take a picture giving peace signs probably for her kids.

And… good bye 2009…


She wants it. She really does.

And she knows it. We all know it.

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