Unofficially this is part III of you all ruining my Christmas Vacation. Let me wrap up that series of thoughts:

Up in the Air

I really enjoyed the movie. It was great. I am continuing in my part fandom part hatred for the director Jason Reitman. He also directed Thank You For Smoking and Juno. Did I like those movies? Yep. I liked them a lot and have rewatched them both several times. I recommend all three of these movies to people who want to see a solid movie. So why the hate? Because Jason is making those movies and not me. What the fuck, bro!?! Do you know how badly I want to make a delicate scene that is both sad and romantic and have Elliott Smith playing in the background? So badly! So motherfucking badly! Why? Because Elliott Smith’s music is delicate and both sad and romantic. And George Clooney is in the scene too! Come on, dude. It just isn’t fair. I really like Jason’s style and I’m jealous of him. Hopefully, one day in the near future Jason and I will have a battle to the death with medieval swords ala Highlander where one of us can only defeat the other by decapitation and when that is achieved the one that survives is given the other’s powers. There can be only one, Jason! Fingers crossed this is what 2010 has in store for me.

George is great in the movie. Graying on the sides, but still a sex symbol for all ages. And his two female co-stars are great as well. I’m a big fan of Anna Kendrick. I have mentioned how much I like her in Rocket Science on several occasions. She gives a good performance in this as well. And then Vera. Vera who I so wrongly thought was Patricia Arquette for many of the times I watched the trailer. No one ever corrected me when I said it was Patricia Arquette. Probably because no one knew who Vera was and also had no clue who I was talking about because all they could remember was George Cloons. Vera does a great job. Especially, the one tracking shot. I think we all know what I’m talking about … if you’ve seen the movie. There is a tracking shot of Vera from behind as she walks into a hotel bedroom – NEKKID!

Vera is wearing an apron and the rest of her is wearing our heat she must feel from every set of eyes languishing over every inch of her naked body. So I thank you, Vera for that. I thank you, Jason Reitman for that shot. I thank you, God most of all who created man who created film and with that narrative film and with that created a couple in New Jersey who would give birth to Vera and another couple somewhere that gives birth to Jason and led lives to arrive at that moment and the life for Jason was that of bravery and boldness in being able to have the balls to say “I want you fully naked for this shot and an apron” and the life of Vera who kept herself in remarkably great shape especially her ass.

As for the vampires? Vera could’ve been a vampire. The movie wouldn’t have to change much. Instead of her turning out to be what she turns out to be, she could turn out to be a vampire.

Sherlock Holmes

I liked it. It was better than I was expecting. I was not expecting much. I was glad that it was more about the case and so forth than a love story. There was a love story, but not much of one. It is still a lot like Pirates, but less of a love story and a darker over all story.

Vampires? Well Lord Blackwood easily could’ve turned out to be a vampire. I was sitting there in the movie actively trying to guess the outcome of the movie. I had three possible answers:

1. Science. Everything is explained with random ass science.

2. Twin. Lord Blackwood has an identical twin brother.

3. Vampires. Obviously.

New Year’s Eve

I do detest NYE. I hate holidays or time of the year where I’m being pushed to have the craziest night of my year. Also I hate events where people who don’t typically drink decide to get shit face wasted because of the day of the year. Hate might be a strong word. I am thoroughly irritated by it. I need Neosporin rubbed all over my irritations. So what are my plans? Pretty nothing right now. Some friends, maybe NYC, maybe some bar, maybe some random party. Who knows? I feel old that my number one concern is how much it will suck to take the PATH back to Jersey City that night and that it is supposed to be raining/wintry mixing. It’s cold outside! This old man cannot take this cold! It is so cold there is a high probability I am buying a scarf today. A scarf! I don’t own and never have owned a scarf, but it could happen today.

I think about the saying that you spend New Year’s Eve like you spent the previous New Year’s Eve. It doesn’t make any sense because that means you never make any improvements in life. I think the saying is implying if you are single then you stay single so you need to get your ass in gear and during the other 364 you need to find someone to spend this shit holiday with. I think about that saying a lot for whatever reason probably because I am single and have been for awhile.

But outside of being single, my New Year’s Eve rituals have been different – I’ve done the all you can drink open bars, I have done the small party of close friends, I’ve given up on New Year’s Eve and watched the Japanese New Year’s Eve fights that are on pay per view and last year I went to see My Morning Jacket at Madison Square Garden for New Year’s. Apparently, I got shit bomb wasted. Apparently, I figured out how to get around only ordering two drinks at once. Apparently, if you go in the beer line and buy two beers and put them in the interior pockets of your jacket and then get into the mixed drink line for Jack and cokes – no one notices. Apparently, I got so drunk I punched a metal bar and broke part of my hand. Apparently, I ran off the PATH train in a dead sprint through Hoboken screaming “they’re touching me”. Apparently.

Kristen Stewart Wants IT

She does.

I am glad that I made this site. I have had fun writing this and have had the fortune of someone reading it. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing some of these posts like the Charles de Gaulle one, the Hannibal one, second by second Jumper cameo one, KSWI Jordan interviews Kristen Stewart one, and most recently the Kristen Stewart edition posts. I have had a lot of fun talking about really whatever I feel like and finding approval in it from you the readers. Oh you the readers. I do love “you the readers”. If it wasn’t for you the readers this site would not exist because a man needs constant approval. 2009 will be a memorable year for me for a lot of reasons, but nothing will compare to the second half of this year. The first half had some really high moments and some really low moments, but this second half with KSWI beats it by a long shot.

Your comments which I read everyone and wish there were even more. Your emails which I also read and respond to and wish there were more of. The newly minted Facebook group which I check way too often to see if anyone else has joined, thank you to those who have and of course I wish for even more. I’ve really had a fun time getting to know you all in whichever way I have.

Originally, I was expecting this site to devolve into a Twitter account or something similar. I was expecting that you the readers would want pictures more than words. I was expecting I could just keep taking Kristen Stewart pictures and write simply “She wants it” and send that to people via Twitter or post them on the site. It’s been a lot more work this way where I’m forced to write and write, but it’s been fun. So thank you, you the readers for reading this each and every day.

Today is my last post for 2009! Which means! You’ll have to wait until 2010! aka Monday! for a new post…

I hope everyone has had a great holiday season. I hope everyone has a great New Year’s Eve. I hope everyone has a great New Year’s day. I hope everyone has a great New Year. And with that…

This chick, Kristen Stewart, wants IT.

Kristen Stewart’s got a secret. She wants it.

Kristen Stewart still wants it even when hassled by a crazy woman to take a picture giving peace signs probably for her kids.

And… good bye 2009…


She wants it. She really does.

And she knows it. We all know it.

It is December. This should be no shock to you. Unless you are a drunk and have no idea what the date is at any given moment. WELCOME TO DECEMBER YOU WINO! Not that every other month of the year isn’t jam packed with movies, but December is well known for having its fair share of movies. Also, it is cold in December or at least it is cold where I am in December which in my subjectivist point of view means that it is cold every where and with this cold people go to the movies. Also also, with this cold people get sick and still go to the movies. So the cold and the movies together means you will be sharing air and space with sick people who will try to get you sick.

That is what sick people do: they try to get you sick as well. They aim their sneezes and coughs at you. They laser guide their sneeze spit right at you and they create a cough fog that will encompass all your breathable air. So if you see a sick person watch out. They are gunning for you as a healthy person. Best piece of advice I can offer is to kneecap them with a crowbar before they get a chance to sneeze or cough on you and then run. Once their kneecap has been shattered with the metal crowbar then they will have no ability to give chase after you. Their immobility means you have limited their range to spread their disease and you are now safe as well as others. Perfect solution.

Now that New Moon is d-e-a-d, I thought I would be even more helpful than usual (outside of the free public kneecapping with crowbars advice, you’re welcome) by doing a rundown about most of the movies that are coming out in December. There are 18 movies in total that I will be reviewing, unless I counted wrong, so I will split this up into a two-parter post. This should not be a shock considering in the post title it says “part I”, but I did mention you could be winos so you would have needed the extra help figuring that out. PUT THE BOTTLE DOWN! Actually, KEEP DRINKING! MORE! I can only get funnier when you are drunk. THAT BOTTLE LOOKS ANYWHERE FROM FULL TO EMPTY SO OPEN UP A SECOND OR THIRD BOTTLE AND DRINK THOSE JUST TO BE SURE. Today I believe that winos have bad hearing apparently. Why all the caps?

I have not seen any of these movies, but I have seen their trailers and on top of that I am a severely judgmental person who believes he is always correct because I am. I will review each movie trailer on a scale of “Kristen Stewart wants IT” heads:

With a possible perfect score of 4 heads of Kristen Stewart wanting IT.

Good fucking God she wants it. Is there any other emotion that pops into your mind than “want” when you look into the eyes of that decapitated Kristen Stewart head? No. That chick wants it. This is not a joke people. Kristen Stewart motherfucking wants it. Shimmy shimmy-yah shimmy-yam shimmy-yay gimme me the mic so I can take it away – MOVIES!


Intense. Holy shit does this movie look intense. It looks way too intense. Just way too intense that I cannot even imagine seeing it. Honestly, the trailer freaks me the fuck out. It is simply too intense. You know there is going to be so much angry yelling and screaming. Oh God, I don’t want to see that. I feel like I’ll have to start going to therapy after I see this movie. Tell me what happened? They were just yelling so much! It was all happy and fine when Jake was helping out Natalie and we all thought Tobey was dead. Why couldn’t he have just stayed dead!?! Every second when he was back was just yelling and screaming and I can’t sleep because everything is just too intense. I like Jake Gyllenhaal, I like Tobey Maguire and if for whatever reason Natalie Portman asked me to cut my left arm off and in me doing so that ensure she would be with me for the rest of my life then I would start sharpening those hedge clippers real quick because I will now be known as Jordan “The One-Armed Bandit” …. who spends every waking moment with Natalie Portman. So how many heads?

Nevertheless, I can’t see this movie. It looks like they all will give really scary intense performances including the children, but I can’t see it. I’ll give it a generous 2 Kristen Stewart wants IT heads because I love Natalie Portman.

Everybody’s Fine

Yuck. I read the cast list and was excited. I read the plot and thought it sounded pretty good. Then I made the fatal mistake of watching clips of the movie arranged in a montage with music in the background and I hated it. This movie is purely a plug and play movie. They have 4 famous actors: Drew Barrymore, Sam Rockwell, Kate Beckinsale, and Robert DeNiro. They have a vague and stereotypical storyline with heartwarming family moral: Dad is alone, doesn’t know his kids, travels the country to see them, each leads a very different life than the last that he has no idea about, tries to bring them all together to be a family again at least one more time. I’m completely uninterested in this movie. It is formulaic and the randomness of the cast doesn’t help any. Could you imagine any of these actors being the product of Bobby D’s sperm? Rockwell? Maybe. Barrymore? No. Beckinsale? Hell no. And then to take it a step further, can you imagine Barrymore and Beckinsale are supposed to be the product of the same sperm? Good God no. How many heads?

I give this 1 and a half Kristen Stewart wants IT head because Kate Beckinsale is gorgeous and for all the sharing sperm jokes and images I have in my head that will entertain me for the rest of today.

The Last Station

Christopher Plummer plays Leo Tolstoy and Helen Mirren plays his wife, the Countess Sofya. Add into the mix, Paul Giamatti playing Tolstoy’s protégé who is also Mirren’s adversary. The two are fighting over Tolstoy’s money and legacy: for Giamatti it is to Russia and for Mirren it is to her family. And for good measure let’s throw in James McAvoy (the white guy in The Last King of Scotland) to be caught in the middle. I thought this was going to be a sappy “based upon” movie that I wouldn’t like, but it actually looks great. Really great. I am definitely looking forward to this. How many of dem heads?

I am giving this 4 Kristen Stewart wants IT heads! See you wenches!?! I’m not just watching movies where people get blown up by some musclehead from the 80’s! I have a heart.

The Strip

Unfunniest trailer I have ever seen ever. This movie is the anti-funny. It kills funny. I am giving this trailer zero heads. And I’m also giving it no space where heads could even exist because the trailer was that unfunny. I was thinking of giving them negative heads and flipping the heads up side down or making them black and white or inverting the colors, but in that scenario the movie is actually being given something and I can’t justify it being given anything even if that anything is a negative amount of things. The movie would then have a debt to pay of heads and even a debt is too good for this movie. No heads!

Up Into The Air

This will be good. I’ve talked plenty about George Clooney. I did an entire post on George Clooney. So no more George Clooney. This movie looks real good. I have full faith in Jason Reitman to make this a good movie. As well as, Danny McBride and Zach Galifankis kicking ass in however long their cameos are in this movie. I’ve always been a fan of Patricia Arquette. And I have a secret crush on Anna Kendrick that is not secret considering I have said it a couple times on this blog solely because of the movie Rocket Science where she is incredible. Cabezas?

¡Quatro cabezas! Me gusta todas las decisiones que señor Jason Reitman hace. Eso es mucha de cabezas estan queieriendolo. ¡Arriba!


Are we going for another 4 Kristen Stewart heads? I think we are. Clint Eastwood directing Morgan Freeman is enough already. Throw in Matt Damon for the hell of it. And it is about SPORTS! Oh my Jesus! What more could I ask for? Money, sex, drugs, better rock and roll. Sure. I can always ask for more of that. Anyway, I’ve talked about how I like this movie already in a previous post when I talked about shaking hands with Nelson Mandela. Saying that in my head makes it sound like a euphemism for jerking it. What are you up to? I think I’m going to go home, shake hands with Nelson Mandela and then take a nap. I get really sleepy after I finish shaking hands with Nelson Mandela. But that euphemism wouldn’t work for me in all honesty.

My penis looks nothing like Nelson Mandela.

And that is a sentence you thought you would never read. Here are the Kristen Stewart heads:

And now graciously I stand-up out of my chair and bow to the invisible audience at my office. You are welcome. Goodnight. NEXT MOVIE!

The Lovely Bones

Ahhh, Peter Jackson. I do enjoy a Peter Jackson film or all of them. Big fan of the movie The Frighteners which was pre-LOTR. Well, I’m a big fan of the first and second acts and I pretend like the third act doesn’t exist. Not that any of you are rushing out to see Michael J. Fox in The Frighteners, so I really like the movie up until the point that the Grim Reaper stops dressing up like the Grim Reaper and instead just wanders around as the bad guy idiot ghost who I was very disappointed to hear was the Grim Reaper during the movie. All the rest preceding those moments, I am a fan of. You can really see where the Ringwraiths got their look from when you watch this movie. The Grim Reaper is like an enormous nightmarish cat with a 15 sickle. It is great. Also I loved King Kong.

I’m not sure if The Lovely Bones was an Oprah’s book club book, but I think it was and seriously what would be the big deal if I start a rumor that it was. Does Oprah not want you reading more books? Is Oprah against literacy? Is that why Oprah is leaving us!?! Either way, the book was supposed to be good or at least it was very popular. I think the young girl Saoirse (pronounced Swar-zee, like Sway-zee, but with Swar-zee) Rowan will do a great job. She was about the only redeemable part of that shitty ass Atonement movie. That movie sucked. My fear with The Lovely Bones is that Mark Wahlberg is playing the father and I hope he isn’t in the movie too much. I don’t think he fits this role well, but maybe Jackson can direct him through it. Also, the trailer shows way too much of the movie and I feel like I know everything that happens. I just saw that “têtes” is heads in French, but I have a feeling that will be mispronounced and construed by others outside of myself.

I think it should be good, but I’m not 100% sold on this because of Marky Mark and for the utter lack of subtlety in the trailer.

And our final film for today…

Yesterday Was A Lie

I will not lie to you. Actually I have lied a lot to you despite my constant repetition of “honestly”, “I won’t lie”, “I’m not lying” and “truthfully”. Seriously, I didn’t watch the trailer. I had not heard of this movie nor anyone in it and made the wrong/right decision to read the summary prior to watching the trailer. The plot summary was way too ridiculous for me to even consider watching the visual representation of whatever the hell this “summary” is talking about. I will instead dissect and rate the summary with Kristen Stewart’s heads of wanting IT.

“Hoyle — a girl with a sharp mind and a weakness for bourbon –“

I believe this sentence perfectly sums up my readership.

Just perfectly.

Back to the summary:

“is investigating introverted artist/archaeologist John Dudas. But her work takes an unforeseen twist as she begins to experience events around her in a mysterious, disjointed manner. With the assistance of her loyal partner and a cute young lounge singer, Hoyle uncovers a plot to unravel earth-shattering cosmological secrets, smuggled out of 1930s Germany by a Nazi defector.”

An “unforeseen twist”? Are you fucking kidding me? “Unforeseen”!?! A perfectly amiable girl who is a bit of a booze hound has a side kick lounge singer who helps her in deciphering Nazi secrets that are both “earth-shattering” and “cosmological”. “Unforeseen” does not begin to describe how unforeseen that twist was. Where in the fuck did this movie come from? Oh yeah and there is more:

“But when Hoyle’s deeper relationship with Dudas is revealed, she learns that the most potent forces of all — human love, human pain — cannot be grasped by science alone.”

Oh my gay. This movie sounds terrible. Terrible in ways that I cannot even begin to imagine. A love story between a street smart moonshine drunk girl and a Tom Jones wanna-be “partner” who just so happen to be knee deep in clandestine documents from World War II that could be about anything from God to the apocalypse, I imagine. I didn’t and I refuse to watch the trailer, but the only thing that would save this is if Drunk McDrunk’s “loyal partner” was a chick and not a dude. I’m guessing it is a dude, but if they were lesbians then I would see this movie.

If the “loyal partner” is male like I’m guessing:

One head solely for how absurdly creative and ridiculous this movie is. But if the “partner” is a chick:

You get a bump to 3 Kristen Stewart wants IT heads. Lesbians make all movies better.

And with that, Part II will be set for tomorrow whether you like it or not.

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